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I’ve been brushing my teeth with egg shells. No simply, I have. It sounds crazy but I can provide an explanation for. I’ve been having trouble with my enamel for a few years now. This is partially because I vomited as a minimum 10 instances a day (no exaggeration) for most of my being pregnant with Aneliese and partly due to a few work that a dentist that according to 3 different dentists should not were a practising dentist. I have been seeking to keep cavities at bay, combating actually sensitive enamel and having this sense of my enamel in no way being clean. I’ve long gone from trying more natural fluoride unfastened toothpaste to the common “sensitive” plaque preventing brands to just undeniable baking soda. NOTHING was helping.


I started searching into enamel remineralization final year and determined that there is an entire weight loss program especially for that. Given our budget and my nursing infant, I am no longer in the market for eating regimen modifications in the intervening time however I also need to avoid dentist payments if viable. A few matters that I read recommended remineralizing toothpaste that can be made at home. As it’s miles an less expensive test, I decided to try it. And then I examine about eggshells.

A dentistry faculty inside the Phillipines did a look at evaluating various leading toothpastes in conjunction with their personal compounded toothpaste from eggshells. They observed that over a time frame, the tooth cleaned with the eggshell toothpaste had much less building up and more potent teeth. The eggshells have calcium and different trace minerals which can be vital for healthful teeth for this reason preventing cavities. From my analyzing approximately tooth remineralization, it’s also feasible to opposite enamel decay.

It simply so takes place that I have masses of quality pastured eggshells that, at the side of starting seeds and feeding again to the chickens, I can grind up for my toothpaste. I’ve been the use of my toothpaste for about six weeks now. I’m finding that my enamel have minimal sensitivity, have become whiter, and the unclean, building up feeling is nonexistent. My gums are also looking healthful and in no way sense sore. My enamel and mouth experience terrific!


I had been the usage of eggshells but I’m not sure that I’d advise the usage of regular grocery shop eggs so we are also testing out a extra commonplace toothpaste the usage of Calcium Magnesium drugs. The ladies had been using this and the build up on their enamel is likewise gone.
*Since I wrote this, I actually have now had some buddies additionally do that recipe who are very thrilled with it as well. The egg shell (or calcium magnesium) strengthens the tooth even as the coconut oil whitens. I’ve been pretty impressed genuinely.

**I have heard and examine plenty about baking soda being abrasive and of route egg shells would appear the identical. However, baking soda ratings an awful lot decrease on an abrasive scale than most toothpastes so I’m very cozy using it. With the eggshells, I haven’t been capable of locate enough research on it (not surprisingly) so I can absolutely handiest offer non-public experience.

*** Many homemade toothpastes or even business ones are sweetened with Xylitol. However, maximum xylitol is a corn byproduct this is created via a particularly chemicalized system. While I would like to feature a touch sweetener that’s not sincerely something that I want going on my teeth however I even have discovered more than one businesses that use birch bushes so I am searching into that a bit further.

****Often toothpaste recipes name for vegetable glycerin and it’s far in lots of business herbal toothpastes, however as I actually have study approximately how it make a skinny coat on ones tooth preventing remineralization, I don’t use it. For the identical smoothness, I use Dr Bronners Castile soap due to the fact it’s far made with coconut and olive oil which certainly have triglycerides and it doesn’t have glycerin delivered.

Homemade Eggshell Toothpaste

¼ c. Egg Shells or Calcium Magnesium Tablets (Ground up)
1-three Tbs Coconut Oil
1 Tbs. Or less Baking Soda
½ -1tsp. Castile Soap (Optional however I discover that it provides a few smoothness. I use Dr Bronners Castile Soap. See word above.)
10 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil

1. If the use of egg shells, give them a quick rinse and bake inside the oven at 400 F for 15-20 mins.
2. Grind up the shells or tablets until powdery quality. I use my espresso grinder for the shells and my meals processor for the drugs.
3. Mix the substances in a small bowl, adding coconut oil until it is the smooth consistency that you like. * I locate that it takes greater with the calcium magnesium drugs than the eggshells.
4. Store in a small jar and use a small spoon to scoop it to your tooth brush.
5. You can add one-of-a-kind critical oils which can be stated to sell enamel fitness which includes fennel, clove, rosemary, oregano, (to name some but please do your personal studies on what oils are secure for ingestion if kids are going to be the use of this specifically.).

– Inexpensive to make
– Natural, healthy ingredients with no components or sugars
– Cleans teeth well
– Fights Sensitivity
– Whitens with out harsh chemicals
– Stores nicely


– You must make it and it doesn’t come in a reachable tube.
– Depending at the temperature, the coconut oil solidifies. (you can soften it again by means of mixing it again)
– Doesn’t foam like we are used to with toothpaste.
– Isn’t sweet
– Is a touch messier within the sink.
– Tooth brushes (esp. Teenagers) get caked if no longer rinsed properly.


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