Ten Tips To… changing a water tap


There are few matters worse than a dripping tap. Here’s our manual to fixing that head-wrecking trouble.It may also seem one of the simpler DIY tasks however, like some thing, its simplest easy when you understand how.

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What you will need

New tap
Correct faucet fittings (nuts, bolts, washers)
Basin or bucket
Wrench or vicegrips
Step 1

The first component you’ll ought to do is to prevent the water supply to the faucet your changing, we have all made that mistake. There’s more than one methods you could cut off the supply, flip off the penny valves either on the sink, or the hotpress. The other option is to reduce off the water supply to the complete residence. Best to reduce off the deliver domestically either on the sink or hotpress.

Step 2

Run the faucets until the water deliver is empty in the taps and pipes. Trust us, you dont need to make the error of having pipes complete of water before you go converting faucets!


Step 3

Using an adjustable wrench or vice grip, unscrew the connector nuts that connect the faucet tail to the water pipe.

Step 4

Find the again nut that holds the faucet in place. This is normally observed underneath the sink, directly below the tap.

Step 5

Using the adjustable wrench or vice grips unscrew the nuts. Ensure you keep one hand on the tap itself as when it comes free it may fall into the basin causing chips to the ceramic.

Step 6.

Unpackage your new faucet and vicinity it at the now exposed tap tail.

Step 7

Connect up tap with nuts, bolts and washers. Once tightened. Region plumber’s tape round the new joint for added safety

Step 8

Turn again in your water supply, reversing the steps you took above. Once your water supply is again on turn lower back to your tap (step lower back simply in case) and hopefully you wont be managing localised flooding in your bathroom. If you accompanied the stairs you need to have a trendy tap minus the drip dripping.

Step 9

With your new found mastery of this talent, run your self a tub. If every person asks why you’re having a bathtub tell them it’s all to do with the big process you’ve just finished.

Step 10

And as with any DIY jobs you’ve mastered, make sure all of us is aware of approximately your accessible work. Randomly slip it into conversations and offer your faucet-mending services to all who’ll pay attention.


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