The Benefits Of Using Hollow Bricks To Build Homes


The various kinds of bricks which are available within the market encompass the sand lime bricks, fly ash clay bricks, concrete bricks and hollow bricks. Hollow bricks are one of the nice bricks and the modern technology has been used to make these bricks to provide the fine output inside the long term to the house owner.

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1. Understanding Hollow Bricks

Hollow bricks are bricks that have several holes in it. These bricks may be used to construct each load-bearing as well as non-load bearing partitions. These bricks have been verified to be much extra beneficial than traditional bricks. Hollow bricks are fire resistant and on the same time plenty safer than the normal bricks.


2. Energy Efficient

Using hole bricks facilitates to bring down the expenditure this is spent on cooling or heating the house. This is because hollow bricks preserve the house cool at some point of the summers and assist to hold the house warm while it’s far extraordinarily cold. Thus, hole bricks help to lessen the energy that is fed on by way of air conditioners or room heaters and additionally make certain that the citizens of the house do not should spend extra cash. Thus hollow bricks are perfect for constructing houses in a rustic like India.

3. Eco-Friendly

The massive quantity of waste this is generated these days at some point of the development of a house harms the surroundings to a first rate quantity. However, hollow bricks do now not have any damaging consequences on the surroundings as it’s far eco-friendly. This is because, hole bricks are constructed the use of recycled waste materials or natural substitutes like granite slurry, rice husk and fly ash.

4. Budget-Friendly

As hole bricks are a lot lighter than solid bricks, the ease of operating with them reduces the hours spent on constructing the residence. This method that the use of hole bricks facilitates accelerate the construction system and reduce labour costs.

As hollow bricks are large, it reduces the amount of mortar that is used and additionally the quantity of joints that need to be crammed during the development process.

5. Durable

Hollow bricks are a great deal more long lasting and are encouraged for regions that are prone to earthquake.

Since the design of the hollow bricks are such that there are hole spaces in it, as a result the electrical wires and plumbing substances are simpler to put in within the house. As hollow bricks are very strong, the partitions made out of those bricks may be used to put in heavy items like cabinets, bulky shelves and geysers.


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