Home Farming Tips The fish pond in the yard was drained and the fish caught

The fish pond in the yard was drained and the fish caught


A fish pond, or dew pond, is a managed pond, synthetic lake, or reservoir that is stocked with fish and is utilized in aquaculture for fish farming, or is used for leisure fishing or for ornamental functions. In the medieval European era it was standard for monasteries and castles (small, in part self-enough communities) to have a fish pond.

Records of the usage of fish ponds may be located from the early Middle Ages. “The idealized eighth-century property of Charlemagne’s capitulary de villis turned into to have synthetic fishponds but two hundred years later, centers for elevating fish remained very rare, even on monastic estates.”. As the Middle Ages stepped forward, fish ponds have become a extra common function of urbanizing environments.


Those with get admission to to fish ponds had a managed supply of meals, not not like pastures for livestock and sheep, to be used on days while it changed into now not permitted to consume meat. However fish ponds were hard to keep. They had been a mark of power and authority, since most effective wealthy nobles and establishments along with monasteries could afford to keep them. In iciness, offering fresh meals for a fort garrison was a constant warfare. Nobles had get entry to to meat from deer parks, however this did now not deliver the wishes of complete families. Though fish ponds required preservation to preserve them wholesome, they had been an stylish way of giving monasteries and noble homes get entry to to sparkling fish.


Some of the greater famous species of fish farmed in fish ponds were carp and pike. From the 14th century onward these fish proved to be a popular function of artificial fish ponds.

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Fish ponds also are being promoted in growing countries. They provide a source of meals and earnings from the sale of fish for small farmers and can also deliver irrigation desires and water for farm animals. The atmosphere and production offerings supplied via carp farming in fishponds have colossal societal and financial advantages. For example – per production cycle, not unusual carp aquaculture within the complete Central and Eastern Europe fishponds provide at the least 579 million € worth of offerings, a number of that are realized at the same time as a larger element is intangible. European carp aquaculture in fishponds is probably purifier than most meals manufacturing sectors in the EU, imparting lesser nutrient burden to the environment than trendy crop and livestock sectors.


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