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We all hope for the pleasant usually and pray for calmness, peace and prosperity in our houses. Staying wonderful and praying is one thing however have you ever idea what else may be achieved to gain all of your life-goals and entice peace, positivity? Vastu is the answer. It is an ancient and traditional form of Indian structure. The basics of Vastu-science circle across the various sources of energies, sun and celestial blanketed. Balancing those energies is the important thing to bringing in fulfillment and peace to you and your family..for watch detailed video about The importance of measurement in home design, see below. for getting daily updates follow our facebook page and click see first option in following button. if you interested this. give this post to your friends and relatives.for more videos, subscribe now:Kanippayyur Vasthu

Vastu takes into account the layout, layout, measurements and spatial geometrical coordinates to create an air of secrecy of harmony and peace in your home. It is one of the things that in reality makes your “residence” a “domestic”. While building a residence, if one guarantees that the development is going on according with the Vastu preferences, negative energies will by no means be capable of set foot in such homes. The identical is real whilst one actions into a new house. All it takes is a Vastu expert and a few little preparations and alignments of the objects to provide the house a “Vastu-touch”.


These are some suggestions to be able to make your “residence” a great “domicile”:

The Living Room:

This is the best area within the house that serves as an open playground to a ramification of energies coming into your own home. It is so due to the fact all the visitors and other family contributors generally acquire in the residing room and they create a ramification of energies with them, a few advantageous and some poor. One ought to make certain that only wonderful electricity remains within the residence. Vastu shows that the host must face the North or East when guests go to. And guests need to be seated opposite to the host. This can be completed with the aid of a easy seating arrangement exchange. Also, all electronic gadgets have to face south, the direction of hearth. That will make sure the quality and fine electricity flows into your house.


The Bedroom:

A bed room is the most critical room in every residence and it must live complete of effective air of mystery, round the clock. Vastu suggests that the bed room door ought to open to a maximum of ninety%, always. It is critical for channeling positivity into the room. While you sleep, your head must face south as it is the maximum calming and comfortable route. De-muddle your bedroom and best have the belongings you really need. Free and plentiful drift of mild and air inside the bedroom is once more an absolute-should.

The Kitchen:

The great Vastu-desired corner to installation any kitchen is that “South-West” nook. Or else, the “North-West” corner works simply as quality. All burners and stoves have to face south even as the consuming water have to continually be positioned within the northeast aspect. Owing to spinning drastically different energies, attempt putting in the kitchen as far faraway from the bed room as viable.

The Prayer/Pooja Room:

A Pooja room is one of the most critical and auspicious locations in any residence. More or much less, a Pooja room serves like an engine that drives and circles diverse energies throughout the residence. It is, consequently, vital that unique care is taken even as designing and placing the Pooja room. As in keeping with Vastu, the exceptional and maximum auspicious direction and area for the Pooja room is the north-east corner of your private home. If north-east placement isn’t possible, it can be installation inside the east or the west side of the residence. Once installation as consistent with Vastu, the Pooja room maintains riding harmonious vibes for the duration of the residence which in flip heightens the effective energy.

The Money/Jewelry Box:

Cash/Money is what makes the arena cross around. It is without delay associated with our social reputation, prosperity, concord and abundance. Our feelings are so deeply related with money that for us Indians, money is not simply an device to shop for or possess cloth and worldly things. Our culture hails money as a form of goddess Lakshmi. We pray for cash and it is, greater or less, part of our spiritual ideals. Hence, it is extraordinarily essential to have our cash/coins container placed as in step with Vastu to preserve the cash flowing in. A coins locker ought to continually be positioned near the south-west or the southern wall in a room. It is crucial to make sure that the locker open closer to the north. It is because the Lord Kuber is taken into consideration to be dwelling in the northern course. When we time and again open the locker in the Lord’s route, the gracious god refills it every single time.


Location or placement are of paramount importance in Vastu-Shastra. For the most reliable confluence of the best of energies, every room has been marked to be placed specifically spots as in keeping with Vastu. For example, the main front of the residence should face east, the rising-aspect of the Sun. It is to permit the positive mild input and charm your private home. It is ideal to cook facing the east side in a south-east positioned kitchen. This setup is the perfect recipe for happiness. While the bedrooms should occupy the south-west corners, bathrooms must always be built in the northwest corners.

In many cases, following the Vastu recommendations is tedious, impractical and not possible on occasion. But there’s not anything to worry approximately. These guidelines are extra of suggestions rather than “do-or-die” guidelines. An professional’s opinion in phrases of Vastu typically goes a long way. We want you a glad home and a satisfied lifestyles.

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