The old dress can also be made into a new design for Onam


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1. The T-Shirt Quilt
If you have got a giant collection of live performance, vacation, or superhero T-shirts, making a T-blouse quilt may be a notable way to keep the shirts you not wear however can’t bear to part with.


Creating the quilt pinnacle is simple. Determine the scale you want each T-blouse rectangular to be, and cut out a cardboard template in the appropriate size. Once you have got a pile of T-shirt squares, lay them out to parent out what order you need them in, and start stitching them together. If you’ve got get entry to to a stitching machine and might stitch a straight line, you’ll have no problem setting together the cover top. You can end the edges as is (flip underneath the rims of the cover and sew them to save you fraying), or you may add batting and backing to make it a true “duvet.”

If all of this feels like too much DIY stitching to you, there are numerous cheaper T-shirt duvet agencies with the intention to take your ill-fitting shirts and make you a beautiful duvet for an affordable fee.

2. No-Sew Braided Rag Rug
Braided rugs was once an old school way of adding ornament to a domestic with out spending any cash. They are still a fun manner to repurpose vintage clothes into some thing new and delightful.


For this craft, you’ll need a spread of jersey cotton shirts or tanks and scissors. You’ll cut the clothes into 1.5 inch-lengthy strips alongside the width of the shirt, ensuring to reduce one cease so you have a pile of strips in place of loops of cloth.

Start with three strips, tie a knot, and start braiding the strips together. Once you have got braided about 4 inches, begin coiling the braid right into a circle, and loop the closest strand via the already-braided section. This is what’s going to maintain your braided rug collectively.

You retain braiding (including new strands the use of the no-sew technique mentioned here) till the rug is as big as you’ll find it irresistible. You can finish your rug with iron-on fusible interfacing, polycrylic spray, or spray-on starch.

Three. Make a T-Shirt Pillowcase or Pillow
Using a T-blouse as a pillowcase is an antique trick I found out again when I became in university with a long-distance boyfriend, but it is still a superb manner to reuse an old T-shirt. You ought to do what I did as a lovesick young freshman and just throw your pillow inside the tee as is — or you could without a doubt reduce off the sleeves and stitch them and the collar closed to be able to make a greater conventional looking pillow case.

You can also take the T-blouse pillow concept one step further and make a pillow from the antique shirt. Cut off the sleeves, fill the tee with pillow stuffing and sew up the bottom, collar, and sleeves for an instantaneous pillow.

4. Turn a Tank Top Into a Shopping Bag
Tank tops are already shopping-bag fashioned — they simply want to have the bottom sewn shut. It’s a reusable buying tote that appears a long way greater stylish than any purchasing bag you can purchase.
5. Use Old Jeans to Patch Up Your Favorite Pairs
It is a truth universally recounted that your favored pair of jeans will ultimately wear out and holes will shape. That’s while you whip out the denims that don’t match and cannibalize some denim as a patch in your preferred pair.

Patching denim might be past the talent set of the common DIY crafter — as denim is thick and difficult to paintings with. However, hiring a tailor to patch your favorites ought to no longer be luxurious, and it’s going to keep your jeans searching excellent.

6. Make Mittens Out of an Old Sweater
Old wool sweaters are the proper material for growing a brand new pair of mittens. The simple approach for making repurposed mittens is to extensively trace your fingers on the bottom of the sweater in order that your wrists hold off the bottom edge of the original blouse. When you chop out the traced shapes, you will have 4 mitten formed pieces which you will sew collectively to make a couple.

If you need your repurposed mittens to be a little heartier (with a touch extra range of thumb motion), this tutorial will display you the way to make fleece-lined, cuffed, and flawlessly formed mittens out of a few antique sweaters.

7. Cover a Corkboard With an Old Blouse
Fabric-blanketed corkboards are all the rage, however you do not want to buy one pre-made. With a few cork squares, an antique item of garb with a amusing pattern, and a hot-glue gun, you could create certainly one of your very own on the cheap.

All you want to do is hint the cork square in your fabric, leaving about an inch of room all of the manner round. Once you’ve cut your cloth, you will spread a strip of hot glue all along the edge of the cork and begin pulling up the fabric and pushing it into the glue till it sets. Attach your stunning new corkboard in your wall, and experience the envy of all of your workplace friends.


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