The Secret to a Streak-Free Mirror


Streaks are irritating, unpleasant and off-putting. We all think we know how to smooth mirrors, but when you research my secret product and technique you’ll have the shiniest mirrors at the block.

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For starters, here’s what doesn’t work. Newspaper isn’t what it used to be. The inks used today depart residues in the back of, making your mirrors commonly streaky. So in case you strive the use of newspaper and get unsavoury consequences, that’s why. No more newspaper to smooth mirrors. Paper towel leaves small flecks of lint behind, which doesn’t look the best, plus it may get wasteful. So what we need is an non-streaking, lint-free material to help us alongside the manner. Further, there is probably gunk on the mirror that requires cleaning prior to the actual replicate cleansing, so that we can effortlessly tend to. Another element to consider is that it’s essential to use a chosen glass cleanser (both product or recipe), because they’re designed to be non-sudsing that means they won’t depart residue (streaks) in the back of. If you operate any old cleaning product, you’ll likely see a haze over the reflect and if this is the case, you need to easy that off with some glass cleanser. See, no person tells you this stuff!

So to clean your reflect like a seasoned, right here’s what you want:
A flat-weave microfiber material – any other cloth will now not give you the same effects, and don’t forget, it’s some time spent cleaning, so the proper gear saves you a lot of that time. You need flat-weave in order that no particles can grasp to the cloth, and similarly, they promote fast drying and lint-free completing.
Rubbing alcohol – sure, that’s the name of the game.
Cotton pad – for the rubbing alcohol, stay tuned.
Glass cleanser – I use vinegar and water, however you can use your preferred emblem or recipe.
Let’s get commenced!
Place some rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad, and experiment the replicate for any globs or goopy increase (think: hairspray, toothpaste splatters, and so forth.) and scanning from the pinnacle to the bottom, rub them off one by one. Work quick, due to the fact rubbing alcohol dries rapid. This is corresponding to spot treating stains on laundry before washing them.
Then, spray the replicate down with your glass cleanser, making sure it’s miles misted, now not soaking (this makes more work for you).
Fold your microfiber fabric into quarters, that way you’ll have four clean surfaces to work with and you can flip the fabric round as required to ensure you’re running with a smooth surface as required.

Start at the top left nook and drag the material across to the pinnacle proper corner, then swoop down and head back towards the left aspect of the mirror, preserve this zig zag until you get to the bottom of the reflect. This is what I call the ‘S Pattern’ and it ensures you in no way omit a square inch of any surface (it also helps put off streaks and saves you strength).
Check for any scuff marks by way of checking the reflect at a forty five diploma perspective, this sheds greater mild on the mirror and illuminates streaks you can’t see looking on the replicate directly on. Spot smooth each stain with the aid of spraying your fabric and quick wiping the streak and buffing dry.


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