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Things NOT to do in Goa | Seriously, Don’t Even Try


So, you are planning to take a smash from that thoughts-numbing 9-5 process of yours and you make a decision to move to Goa. Party time, sure! But maintain your horses, right there.
Goa has a lot to offer the beer, the seashores, water sports and those past due night time parties. But even though it’s our favourite prison smash from the relaxation of the united states and our life, there are certain things that you can’t or should not do here. Here’s a list of the things NOT to do in Goa that you would possibly need to maintain to your mind while you’re chilling on this beautiful town.

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1. Taking the ones taxis:
They’re going to be hollering anywhere, following you around and honking at you want no one’s commercial enterprise. But do no longer open that door and hop into one among them. Unless, it is prepaid from the airport or the railway station, they do not follow meters or tariff cards. These, in conjunction with the rickshaw wallahs, are recognised for burning a hole on your pocket. Instead, hire a bike/4 wheeler for yourself. If you don’t need to journey/power, you can opt for the motorbike taxis. These will exercise session a great deal less expensive for you!


2. Littering:
The seashores here in Goa are loved for the white sand and delightful, pristine waters. But enter ? A random organization of those who leave those beer bottles on the seaside alongside wrappers of all forms of matters. Do NOT do this. Littering or spitting on this lovely metropolis simply hurts, each bodily and mentally. Don’t wreck the ones seashores for other human beings. Instead, make correct use of those numerous garbage containers, k? Thank you.

3. Carrying too much:
When you are packing, maintain in mind to take the minimum quantity of requirements and valuables. Once you are in Goa, you can not go away in the back of your money and other valuables in the room; it is not secure. This in flip means that you will have to deliver round maximum of it. So, persist with preserving that wallet secure and do now not go around carrying an excessive amount of of gold/diamonds unnecessarily. The fine choice might be to apply the ATM day by day.

4. Pointing that digicam:
Yes sure, I recognise. All you images lovers out there will want to capture the ones lovely sunsets, seashores and monuments. But stay far from clicking photos of humans that you don’t know. You can give your friend 1000 new Facebook profile pictures, but clicking random photos of human beings without their permission is each offensive and illegal.

5. Staring:
Goa is packed with beaches, so obviously there are going to be human beings strolling round in the skimpiest of clothes. But that doesn’t come up with the license to sit on the seaside and gawk at human beings with that hungry, nearly creepy look in your eyes. Sure, admiring is not incorrect. But take a peek and let it go! You do now not want to come back off across as the rude, invasive kinds. No one likes being watched continuously, so take the hint!

6. Going topless:
It is probably allowed on every seashore in each other u . S . A ., but it isn’t allowed here. Goa might be the celebration capital of India, however it has the identical regulations and mindsets that represent the rest of the united states. So, you could put on those bikinis and shorts and the whole lot else which you want to, just ensure you have some thing on always. Also, take notice that over-the-pinnacle PDA isn’t always allowed.

7. I love you Goa:
You?Re there and also you definitely love the location, I get it. Honestly, every person knows and gets it, because who would not love Goa? But, that doesn’t suggest that you need to walk around and proclaim your love around by using sporting an ?I Love Goa? T-blouse to your complete journey there. Goans do no longer appreciate and find it very demanding. If you continue to feel need amusing poked at you then pass ahead and put on this sort of.


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