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Things you should not buy on Saturdays


Don’t purchase these eight things on Saturdays as they carry Bad Luck

According to Astrology , there are sure items which one have to avoid shopping for on Saturdays or maybe must no longer be added at domestic on Saturdays.


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Iron brings Bad Luck
Things fabricated from Iron in any form brings terrible success to the buyer and his own family however Donating iron made things brings prosperity and upliftment in enterprise and wealth.

Oil brings sickness
It is assumed that one must no longer buy Mustard oil or vegetable oil on Saturdays because it brings illness in domestic, whereas in case you are going for walks Shani Sadesatti then donating oil appease Lord Shani.

Salt brings debts
Buying salt on Saturday brings debt to client and his family individuals. Buy Salt on another day besides Saturday.

Broom brings poverty
Broom creates tremendous power in residence by cleaning poor energies out of domestic but Buying broom on Saturdays brings poverty so never buy broom on Saturdays or Tuesdays.

Ink brings disgrace
Buying books or examine fabric on Saturdays is good but buying ink on Saturdays convey shame, so avoid buying ink on Saturdays.

Fuel brings troubles in circle of relatives
Fire is taken into consideration auspicious in Indian subculture but don’t however gasoline items like kerosene , fit box, petrol or different inflammable item on Saturdays.

Shoes convey failures
Don’t purchase black leather shoes on Saturdays , it is believed wearing shoes bought on Saturday convey failure in work.

Black til brings issues
Black til are used in Puja and even utilized in Daan for planet Saturn however don’t buy them on Saturdays as they invite issues in fate.


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