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Tips for Buying Breads


Every time you eat bread — be it a beigel, Associate in Nursing crumpet, or a part of a sandwich — you’ve a chance to boost your diet. for many Americans, selecting cereal bread product most of the time is that the simplest way to eat a lot of super-healthy whole grains. however once you are standing before of the bread array within the grocery, reading the varied label claims, simply however does one grasp that is that the best bread to buy?


Choosing the most effective bread is confusing. Here area unit 3 bread myths that facilitate create it that way:


Bread story No. 1: If it’s brown and has the word “wheat” within the name, it’s various fiber and whole grain.

The Truth: the primary ingredient listed on the ingredient label tells the story. If it’s “wheat flour” or “enriched bleached flour” (or similar), that tells you white flour was principally used, not “whole-wheat flour.”

Bread story No. 2: Breads with healthy sounding names like “seven-grain” or “100% natural” area unit the most effective selections.

The Truth: simply because the name of the bread on the package sounds super-healthy, it doesn’t mean the bread really is. Oroweat’s seven-grain and 12-grain breads, as an example, list “unbleached enriched flour” as their 1st ingredient. Nature’s Pride 100 percent Natural Honey Wheat bread, likewise, is principally created with “wheat flour,” not whole wheat.

Bread Myth: staff of life may be a 100 percent whole-grain, high-fiber selection.

The Truth: the primary ingredient listed on the label of most whole brands of staff of life, from Russian Rye or Jewish rye bread to Dark Rye or additional bitter Rye, is none aside from uncolored enriched flour. The second ingredient is sometimes water, and also the third, rye flour. That explains why most rye breads have just one gram of fiber per slice (one dark rye in my grocery has but that). So, staff of life is not typically 100 percent whole grain (although there could be some enlightened brands out there i have not seen yet). i would not decision them high in fiber, either.

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