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To re-build or to renovate


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The residence plan


Check if the old house plan can be altered to convert it into your dream plan. There is an altogether shift in the line of wondering now as a ways because the plan format of a house is worried. People search for larger bathrooms and kitchens now. Earlier, the minimal size used to accept to those and further than bare minimum length was considered as a wastage of space. Now, the general preference is for a double top lobby and bigger bedrooms. Emphasis is greater on having huge rooms than having greater range of rooms. Go for preservation of the house simplest if it’s far feasible to provide a current look to the renovated house.

Structural feasibility

Check if it’s far structurally possible to renovate the antique house. Renovation of antique residence will demand elimination or transferring of sure walls. A beam may additionally must be laid underneath the roof slab on the place of a wall being removed. Check whether or not helps are available for the beam to be inserted. A structural engineer could have to check whether the brand new load bearing structure provided after the alteration of the old structure is safe or no longer. This element may be very crucial from protection and earthquake resistance factor of view.


Roof and partitions

Check the specifications of the roof and partitions provided inside the old house. In case a strengthened brick roof slab had been furnished in advance, there’s no need of keeping this kind of roof slab. In such case, it is going to be higher to put a brand new RCC roof slab. And if roof slab itself needs to be removed, then there may be little need of going for upkeep, alternatively new production ought to be favored. Check the partitions additionally. Check if these were constructed in cement mortar. If the partitions were constructed in dust mortar then those is probably termite infested and keeping such walls in new residence shall quantity to overall wastage of finances. In the Seventies, there was a fashion of building walls in mud mortar and saving value of cement. These days, no one uses mud mortar. In many cases, while we buy an old constructed house, the wall masonry is located to be in dust mortar. While shopping for an antique house, one must continually check a number of partitions with the aid of doing away with the plaster and checking whether or not the wall brick masonry is in mud or cement mortar. Go for new production if partitions are in mud mortar and roof slab is of bolstered brick type.

Check historical past popularity

Many people stay in very antique and pre-partition time homes. They have a form of attachment to these ancestral properties. Some of those properties may be well worth obtaining the background building popularity. Archeological society of India classifies historical past buildings as Grade 1 homes, grade 2 homes and so on. Buildings of historical significance fall beneath grade 1 class. Buildings under each grade have a precise definition. No improvement, alteration, demolition or repair is permissible for homes having historical past fame with out permission of involved authority. Though there are faraway possibilities that the constructing you are living in has the background tag attached to it but this factor should be saved in mind by means of those occupying very vintage buildings.

Resale price

The manner the fee of an vintage automobile would not increase after overhauling, the resale fee of an old building additionally doesn’t increase a good deal after its protection. If you are going to stay your self in the renovated residence then most effective it is well worth going for upkeep. If there are plans to promote the residence after using it for a few years then it shall not be smart to lay our a fortune at the maintenance of the residence. In this type of case, best reasonable quantity of maintenance ought to be achieved.

The vicinity thing

Location of the present house also performs an critical part in determining whether or not to head for protection or altogether new construction. A house may be positioned in a avenue or can also have bad connectivity or placed in a congested area. There can be no greenery around and environment can be polluted. In this sort of case, it will likely be better to both move to a new location by promoting this residence or to renovate it to an affordable extent. If the residence is placed in a high place then going for brand new creation can pay dividends and all the cash spent on new production will now not pass waste but shall upload to the cost of the residence.

Check for cracks

Before starting with the maintenance of antique residence, it ought to be thoroughly checked for cracks and presence of termite. The nature of cracks have to be studied and if those are structural cracks due to settlement of foundations then one have to assume two times before going for upkeep. Existence of termite colonies is every other such issue. Once the termites input a residence, everyday anti-termite treatment turns into very critical. Otherwise it will become impossible to eliminate it. Settlement of flooring have to additionally be checked. Going for ’tile on tile application’ in case of already settled flooring will no longer be a sensible alternative.

Check the pipes and wiring

Old water deliver and sanitary pipes may additionally have outlived their life and shall need replacement at some point of maintenance. While doing upkeep work, we frequently need to feature a new bathroom to the residence. Often it is not viable to connect new pipes to the present water deliver and sanitary pipe network and the whole system has to get replaced. Similarly, the electrical wiring in the residence might also require total replacement. Check these factors and the value on their account before figuring out whether or not to renovate your house or to rebuild it.

Coming returned to the case of Mr Gupta … the walls of his residence had been built in mud mortar and he turned into not certain about the type of creation in roof slab. The residence plan demanded a total change and there were no finances constraints. The building became about 40 years antique and positioned at a prime place. So the unanimous selection turned into to construct a new residence rather than renovating the old one.


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