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The tomato is botanicaly referred to as Lycopersicum esculentum belongs to the family Solanacae. The fruits are harvested as red for intake. It has prominent area in human food. A quick bills on its cultivation is given below.



Improved varieties

Arka Saurabh, Arka Vikas, Arka Ahuti, Arka Ashish, Arka Abha , Arka Alok, HS101, HS102, HS110, Hisar Arun, Hisar Lalima, Hisar Lalit, Hisar Anmol, KS.2, Narendra Tomato 1, Narendra Tomato 2, Pusa Red Plum, Pusa Early Dwarf, Pusa Ruby, Co-1, CO 2, CO three, S-12, Punjab Chhuhara, PKM 1, Pusa Ruby, Paiyur-1, Shakthi, SL one hundred twenty, Pusa Gaurav, S 12, Pant Bahar, Pant T3, Solan Gola and Arka Meghali.
Arka Abhijit, Arka Shresta, Arka Vishal, Arka Vardan, Pusa Hybrid 1, Pusa Hybrid 2, COTH 1 Hybrid Tomato, Rashmi, Vaishali, Rupali, Naveen, Avinash 2, MTH 4, Sadabahar, Gulmohar and Sonali.


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Climatic Requirement
The tomato is a heat-season crop. The crop does well underneath a median monthly temperature of 210C to 230C. Temperature and mild depth affect the fruit-set, pigmentation and nutritive fee of the fruit. Long dry spell and heavy rainfall each shows adverse impact on increase and fruiting.

The tomato grows on practically all soils from light sandy to heavy clay. Light soils are exact for an early crop, while clay loam and silt-loam soils are well suitable for heavy yields. Tomatoes do pleasant in a soil that has a soil response from pH 6.0 to 7.Zero. If the soil is acidic liming is needed.

Seed charge

For elevating the seedlings in nursery mattress 300 – four hundred g/ha seeds are required.
Hybrid seeds are very high-priced so it need to be sown in plastic cups or ice cube tray, which require simplest 70-90 g.
Time of planting

Tomato is a day impartial plant so wildly it determined grown in any season.
In the northern plains 3 crops are taken but in frost affected place rabi crop isn’t fruitful. The kharif crop is transplanted in July, rabi crop in October – November and zaid crop in February months.
In the southern plains wherein there’s no chance of frost, The first transplanting is accomplished in December-January, Second June-July Third in September-October relying at the irrigation facilities to be had.
Raising seedlings

Seedlings are grown earlier than one months of transplanting raised beds of 60-one hundred cm width and of convenient length.
Soil solorization of nursery bed by using overlaying them with white obvious polythene sheet for one month must be performed in hot summer season months. It will kill the disorder causing organisms like fungus, micro organism, nematode as well as bugs and seeds of weeds.
For one m2 of nursery vicinity observe 5kg well rotten FYM and 20 g of each N, P and K fertiliser, and additionally observe 2.5g carbofuran or 2 hundred g of neem cake and 10-25 g tricoderma.
While making ready the nursery beds, neem cake /castor cake/ neam leaf/ castor leaf/ pongamia leaf/ calotropis leaf has to be integrated @ 400 g/m2 for safety against nematoads.
After sowing the seeds, mulch with green leaves and irrigate with a rose-can day by day within the morning. Remove the mulch immediately after germination of the seeds. Restrict irrigation one week earlier than transplanting and irrigate closely on yesterday of transplanting.
Cover the nursery mattress with satisfactory nylon internet to get away the harm with the aid of virus transmitting bugs.


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