Top 5 Things to Check Before Buying a Used Car in India


I sold my first car, a used one, closing year. The market for second hand motors in India is large. So much so, that a Frost and Sullivan report from ultimate 12 months clearly pegs second hand automobile buy variety to be as high as being equal to new vehicle sales within the year!
Used vehicle or no longer – first car is a pretty massive deal. I went to outstanding lengths to pick out the only I genuinely appreciated. The real work commenced once I decided on the auto, for what followed turned into an countless trail of paperwork, registrations, insurance woes and transfers. Oh, the war changed into real!Luckily for me, I had Coverfox to help me navigate via the process without problems at each of the apparently complex steps. Best perk of running here yet, I youngster you not. Here’s a quick study that will manual you in case you’re looking to buy a second hand car.

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5 Things to Check When Buying a Used Car
1. Get the auto and its papers inspected thoroughly
Get the second one hand car inspected completely with the aid of a mechanic you trust. This facilitates to both get the problems fixed by means of the owner earlier than the

is executed, or helps you negotiate the fee. A few must DOs for this:


Check the present coverage papers of the second one hand vehicle you’re going to shop for. You may be capable to suggest if the automobile has had any injuries or claims related to those. A short way to see this on the coverage is to observe the no claim bonus (NCB) percent applied. The better the NCB, the higher.

Check if the engine number and chassis no. Fit the number within the registration papers earlier than you purchase 2d hand vehicle.

Check all the filters of the second-hand automobile, and get them changed if feasible. All filters (air, gasoline, transmission, oil) want everyday cleaning and oiling. Failing to do this can affect the overall performance of the automobile considerably. If not anything else, that is a quick choose of ways well the auto has been maintained.

Check the brakes of the second hand automobile. Drive the auto at forty-50 kmph in a place that has little to no traffic. Be certain to look for any vibration, or any unusual and squealing noise from the brake pedal. Brakes that pulsate may also imply that the rotors need substitute.

Examine the tyres cautiously. Check the situation of all the tyres of your vehicle. They need to be worn frivolously and ought to suit. Check the surface for feathering (awful alignment). You can study extra right here from this distinctive piece on tyres by way of Carwale.Com

Check below the hood for symptoms of harm, dents or rust – they’re signs of a poorly maintained car or a prior broken one.

2. Transfer the Registration Certificate (RC) of the second hand car for your name
For this, you have to fill out and submit Form 29 & Form 30, issued with the aid of the RTO inside the jurisdiction you live in (Find the RTO closest for your house right here). The form must be signed by using both the preceding proprietor and also you. If the car is registered in a different jurisdiction from yours, then an NOC from that jurisdiction’s RTO will help velocity the manner. This registers the transaction.

After submission, the neighborhood RTO initiates the switch. You will get hold of a receipt within 15-18 days and the call-changed RC replica by way of the 40th-forty fifth day. In the period in-between, copies of these bureaucracy or the receipt work as evidence of transaction.

Once the RC is transferred, there also are some other vital matters to attend to:


Most vital, getting the second hand automobile insurance policy transferred on your name, or shopping for a new one altogether. (Details inside the subsequent section)

Check shape 32 & 35 to make certain that there aren’t any pre-present pending loans on the second hand vehicle you are buying.

If buying a 2d hand car sold by way of the previous proprietor on finance, make certain that you get the original invoice of the auto. Also get the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the automobile finance company.

Service e-book to check the history of carrier records Road tax receipts with the ultimate up to date fee before you purchase 2nd hand automobile

Bi-fuel certification if the automobile is CNG/LPG geared up.

Valid Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate

3. Get the second one-hand vehicle insurance for your name
It’s as essential to have a legitimate insurance coverage reproduction to your name as it is to get the registration transferred. If the RC is registered to your call and the coverage remains beneath the previous proprietor’s, then the coverage coverage stands nullified! So, it’s very crucial to transfer the coverage to your name after shopping for 2d hand automobile.

There can be three viable ways to get the second one hand vehicle coverage for your call

A call exchange in the preceding proprietor’s policy

In case you want to transfer the second hand automobile coverage, it must be a process parallel to the transfer of ownership. Many 2nd hand vehicle sellers, in addition to consumers, are ignorant of this key factor and anticipate that the preceding proprietor’s policy is legitimate. The photocopy of the receipts/shape 29/30 can be used to apply for the call switch on the second one hand vehicle’s coverage policy. As for the process, you simply want to touch the coverage organisation, an agent of the business enterprise or a dealer like us who allow you to with the method.

If the previous proprietor doesn’t have an insurance policy

We’ve had more than one instances in which the preceding owner didn’t hold a valid vehicle insurance. Once the consumer had the RC transferred to his call after the acquisition, it’s far obligatory to apply for a brand new vehicle insurance coverage – there may be no approaches approximately it! Just go online to Coverfox.Com, to shop for or renew car coverage coverage. In the system, a new coverage policy receives issued after a brief vehicle inspection from the insurance organization. Coverfox allows you pace this manner as nicely.

What if I need to shop for a fresh coverage in my very own call?

It is honestly the exceptional choice to buy a brand new coverage in your personal name. It allows you purchase the coverage from the corporation of your desire, at a charge you are secure with and start your adventure on a easy chit, with none baggage from the preceding proprietor. It also enables you negotiate a better fee from the vendor.

What’s more? The system may be a breeze in case you pick out to get the second hand vehicle insurance from us.

How will it paintings?

We’ll agenda an inspection of your second hand car (within 1-2 days)

Post inspection for maximum insurers you could pay through card at the convenience of your property

We’ll issue the your 2nd hand car’s coverage coverage to you in a matter of hours

In maximum cases the above procedure may be achieved within a unmarried day and you experience your vehicle effectively insured. Just drop your contact number in the shape beneath and we’re going to take care of the rest.

4. Transfer of No Claim Bonus (NCB)
NCB is given to the insured and now not the insured vehicle. Hence, on switch of the vehicle, the coverage policy can be transferred to the new owner but not the NCB. The new proprietor has to pay the distinction attributable to the NCB for the stability policy length. The authentic owner can, however, use the NCB on a new automobile purchased by him.

Basically what this indicates is two matters:

If you are moving the policy from the previous owner and he has an NCB cut price on the policy, this can’t be transferred to you. If you’ve got had a vehicle in the past, and a no declare bonus cut price is relevant, the last insurance company you held the coverage with, must have issued an NCB booking letter to you, that is valid for three years from the time of the last policy expiry.

You can use this letter and practice this discount to the brand new policy you buy, or adjust the seasoned-rated amount, in case of shifting the preceding owner’s coverage to your call. Do notice that if your NCB quantity is greater than your sellers’, you’ll now not get a refund.

So even from the NCB point of view, it’s far excellent that you buy a brand new coverage afresh, on your call.

5. Clean and attach your car before the first force
Here’s some belongings you must cope with:

A thorough easy up: Both interior and outdoors. (A new car’s prerogative, be it new or vintage, is to look vibrant in case you want to flaunt it!). If viable, recollect steam cleansing and sanitizing your new automobile.

Change of fluids: Life expectancy of a car usually depends on how well you preserve it and a ordinary change of fluids and oils is a should! The satisfactory component to do after shopping for a 2d hand car is to alternate all the fluids right away earlier than the usage of it. Here is a super locate from lifehacker.Com on all that you would need to know about changing fluids!

Quick fixes to be completed: Fix lighting, spark plugs and many others. Any signal of rust, water entry through cracks and holes or other put on of the trunk must additionally be checked and stuck. Everything looked after? Now you are all set to make the leap! Enjoy the fun of riding your personal difficult-earned, well deserved car!

Hope the above used-automobile shopping for guide has given you a very good perception on shopping for used automobiles. We would like to pay attention your own enjoy and learnings, if you’ve sold a used automobile, or proportion your questions with us, in case you’re considering buying a used vehicle.


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