Tree Wall Painting Ideas


How to make your home decor look elegant and away from the monotony and dullness, decorating a wall with tree decals, painting or tree shaped shelves would be a beautiful and inspiring idea. These beautiful tree art pieces elegantly fill a large space on the empty walls.

You can draw, paint or even paste a real tree on the wall of your home. Just imagine what a charming landscape that a tree with branches, leaves, birds or butter flies, on the wall it is! Here is one example you should take a look. This post is all about step by step guide for easy DIY wall art of a tree. The basic requirements are, acrylic paint, brushes and pencil.


Step for DIY Art Tree :-


1. First sketch your image | tree as your wish, using pencils. This will help our guidelines when we start to paint or you can directly paint.

2. Do outline first and then fill it with color with water.

3. Draw flowers and leaves outline first and then fill it with colors.
Courtesy : Love Yourself


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