Try out these 10 surprising everyday uses for talcum powder


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Long associated with children’ bath instances or a visit spherical your grandmother’s house, talcum powder has been a rest room staple for generations.


But how many of us truly use it between the ages of 10 and seventy five? Some of those exquisite uses for the sweet-smelling stuff – particularly in the course of this long, warm summer – will have you ever rummaging within the again of the cabinet right away.

1. Talc can soothe dry skin and treat eczema
Talcum powder can work like a moisturiser to help soothe extra-dry pores and skin. If you’ve got regions of irritated pores and skin, rub a piece of talcum powder in to calm it.

Consultant Dermatologist Dr Justine Hextall says: “If you discover that eczema prone regions of skin get warm and sweaty at some stage in the day and are making the inflammation worse, use a moderate medicated talcum powder to calm the affected skin, particularly targeting pores and skin folds and the groin region to prevent a sore flare up. The zinc and allantoin inside the Mildly Medicated product will help to appease the symptoms and consequently save you scratching.”

Keep it handy for the duration of the summer season and wintry weather months while your skin tends to get genuinely dried out.


2. Talc can thicken your eyelashes
Dust them with talcum powder before you apply mascara. The powder acts as a primer which gives you fuller, longer-looking lashes.

3. Use talc to set your make-up
Talc can absorb and do away with facial oils, performing as a primer to help set your makeup for the day or night time and prevent you from looking too brilliant. Talcum powder also can be mixed with a powder or bronzer that is a bit too dark to lighten it up.

4. Talc can prevent chafing
During this warm climate – or before you start workout – attempt dusting a few talcum powder among your thighs to prevent chafing. It will assist to eliminate friction when you run so your skin will live smooth and ache-free fending off the chance of a rash.

5. Use talc to wipe away sand
When you are on holiday or popping to the beach for an afternoon, there may be not anything extra irritating than applying sun cream to elements of your skin blanketed in sand – so sprinkle some talc on regions that have sand stuck to you and wipe off.

The sweat, oil and water that’s inflicting the sand to paste could be absorbed by way of the powder that means the sand can be easily wiped off your skin. Better nonetheless, you’ll recognize your automobile and residence received’t become a sandy mess both.

6. Use talc rather than dry shampoo
Sprinkle a few talcum powder below the pinnacle layer of hair at your roots to absorb excess oil.

If you have got darkish hair, blend the powder with cocoa powder and for purple hair, mix in a few cinnamon. Gently brush thru to lightly distribute the product frivolously and no-one will ever know.

7. Use talc to chill your sheets
On a warm summer’s night time, sprinkle some talcum powder in your bed sheets earlier than keeping off to sleep and you’ll feel cool and dry all night time lengthy.

8. For silky smooth legs
After exfoliating, observe talcum powder to the location of skin you’ll be waxing before you begin. It will soak up any extra oil at the skin’s floor so the wax could be able to seize your hairs higher. Better still, your pores and skin might be soothed via the cooling impact of the powder.

9. Talc helps to freshen up your dresser
If your cloth wardrobe is smelling a bit musty – wager what? You can freshen it up with talcum powder.

Sprinkle a small quantity of talc into a jar or dish and depart it in your cloth wardrobe. The moisture getting rid of homes of the powder will hold it unfastened from that musty smell. You can also you may use it to freshen up your carpets as properly. Sprinkle a light overlaying in your carpets, allow it take a seat for approximately 15 minutes after which hoover up – this works wonders for removing difficult smells, which include pets or cigarettes.

10. Use talc to prevent shoes from smelling
If you or a person in your property has smelly shoes, talcum powder works wonders to do away with the scent to your hallway.

Simply sprinkle a light dusting of talcum powder within the shoe and leave them overnight. In the morning, shake out the infant powder and also you’re suitable to go. Try this tip together with your running shoes before you go to the gymnasium too, and the powder will take in any sweat leaving your footwear smelling more energizing.


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