Understanding A Traditional Kerala Styled House Design


Kerala is thought for its verdant greenery, warm natives and lip smacking delicacies. It is the land where the yearly monsoons strike first within the 12 months, by using the primary week of June itself. The rains right here are prolific and heavy and for this reason the state gets its percentage of vast greenery and dense foliage. The ‘Land of Coconut Trees’ is one scenic beauty to appearance out for.

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One of the most vibrant, colorful and well-train states of the usa, Kerala additionally has the difference of being an area of a few stunning architecture in the united states of america. Kerala houses have a distinct story to tell, and they may really encourage you with their beautiful decor, choice of colors and mild materials. Kerala homes are all about muddle loose interiors which stress in large part on traditional architecture and layout local to the nation.

The conventional homes of the country are primarily based at the architectural concepts of the Thatchu Shastra or the Science of Carpentry and the Vaastu shastra, the Science of Building.


Houses have been built preferably going through the East, in total concord with the Vaastu shastra which calls for the entry of a house to be located either in the East (prime) or the North. The substances used are local, giving start to an architecture this is very vernacular in every aspect

The Kerala House Roofs
The roofing of Kerala houses is one element so that it will honestly trap your attention when you are there. Since it’s miles a zone of very heavy rainfall, there are not any flat roofs. People live in homes with sloped or pitched roofs, included with lovely tiles.

Clay tiles supported by using robust wooden rafters are used for the roofs. These are domestically available and lend a country appearance to the Kerala home. They serve an essential feature of retaining the interiors if the residence cool from inside and the roof pitch help in smooth drainage of water off the roof. The roof tiles are usually pink, but will also be black or brown.

The Entrance Of A Kerala House
Paddipura is the time period used to denote the the front entrance of a Kerala residence. This Paddipura starts offevolved with the front fencing of the house and comprises a historically designed and specified door, with a tiled roof – either sloped or curving – at the pinnacle.

This has been changed because of present day residing situations wherein nearly all of us has a automobile. The conventional Paddipura door has been replaced with big and ornate front gates. The roof continues to stay.

You can design the doorway of your Kerala inspired home with lovely landscaping. Consider ganging creepers and colorful flower climbers from the curved roof atop the entrance gate.

Go for ornate embellishments for the gate grilles. Choose to live earthy whilst it comes to colours – browns and yellows, at the side of red and green are a notable mixture.

Porches And Verandas
The entry to the residence sees a extensive shaded veranda space called the Poomukham. The veranda appears to be abutting from the rest of the residence and out of the the front facade. To access the Poomukham there is a small flight of stairs.

The roof over the veranda is supported by using pillars which will also be traditionally embellished. Don’t be surprised to see a chair in the Poomukham in most Kerala homes – this is a conventional chair for the head of the circle of relatives.

You ought to have several potted vegetation on your personalized Poomukham. Instead of a chair for the top of the circle of relatives, you can upload a twist through adding a swing replete with facet cushions and fantastically distinct mattresses. Add an detail of interest to the pillars with the aid of encircling them with shrubs.


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