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Families working in the kitchen can learn about kitchen tips that help reduce work load.

Add a teaspoon of lemon juice to sugar can not be trimmed.


Shed coconut water is then put in the fridge so that the coconut is not damaged.

Fill the water bottle of water bottles, fill it with lemon water in the bottle. If you wash your bath after a short time, get a glow.

Lemon juice should be put in the fridge for a long time without any damage.


To prevent the potatoes from getting rid of potatoes, put an apple on the potted pit.

Adding a few sprinkled spices along with curry leaves will make you feel special when you store it.

If cheese and pane are ground in the grater, they are not adhered to in the grill, if they are sprayed with a little oil.

Mix half a cup of warm water into the end of the pickle. If the coconut coconut is poured over this water, it is ready for a delicious dessert.

In a morning soup prepared in a soup, add a teaspoon of rice and crushed in oil.

In order for 100 g of wheat powder to have a soft soap powder, add one tablespoon of semi-fine powder.

Add some barley powder to the corners to get more taste for vegetable and vegetable curries.

The glass containers add a little bit of vinegar to the water that is washed away.

When the amlet is made, the pumpkin is added to the powdered sugar or chilli powder.

Add the boiled potatoes to the curd.

When green chutney is prepared, add green lime juice instead of lime juice. Chutney does not have any color difference.

Drying can be done in a bucket of water for three to four hours


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