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The human hair color is many. As the tribes change, there is black and brown to gold. Changing the hair color has become an ordinary thing of everyday life. The hair color is the color used to change color. They can be chemicals or natural colors.

The way to the hair


Cells of melanocytes in the head. The color of the product, which produces melanin, is the color of the hair. Melanocytose cells function as a result of reduced age, the color fades and the hair starts to dry. Hairdressers are divided on the basis of performance.

Temporary Dye: Temporary dye is used to damp temporarily. Because the colored molecules are large, it has to stay unattended to the hair. Moreover, the dye can be washed away immediately. These only last for a few hours, once a day or more than once used by shampoo. They are available in the market in the form of shampoo, jells, rinses and sprayes.

Several perennials: Seema Permanent Dies are the ones that do not lose color when applied to the hair. Wash your hair with shampoo every four to four times. This type of dye is safe even when the lid is likely to break. Because the chemicals produced by peroxide and ammonia are generally less common in the hair die.


Prolonged Diem Permanent Dies are the same as those of a permanent dye. It contains alkaline substances such as sodium carbonate instead of ammonia. They do not eliminate the natural color of the hair, leaving the hair without damage to the hair. These daisies are relatively safe.

Permanent Dye: The oxidation components and alkaline components contained in the tube work together into the coltacus layer of the hair color. Such a dye is not easily washed away. Moreover, hair growth and dyeed colored area, newly grown colorless area, and the obvious difference. Allergic reactions are more common.

The patch test to know allergies

Some people may have symptoms of Allergies in some of the dyes or in some time. That is, the face and the eyebrows in the ears, necks, poles and the outside, itching, shedding, red stools, and swelling. Diarrhea is a pheromone called Diamond. It’s normal in parmenet dye. If you notice this symptom, it is better not to use dai.

When you’re going to dye, you have to do a patch test to see if the dand is allergic to you. Especially when the new die is tested. Take a few diamonds and put on the back of the ears and wait a little longer. If itching in the air or smokers, you realize that the dye is allergic to you. Do not use it.

Is good?

Herbal Dyes are just as prominent as the synthetic dye. Henna is famous. Apply it on the pulp form and wash it after 40-60 minutes. The hair will get a scarlet too. Synthetic Henna is also available in the market today. This too has no side effects. Itching occurs, such as worms, bowls, swelling and acne. Indigo Hourday is another popular heritage plant. Adding IndiGo with Henna is a nice black color. Need to set up for 24 hours.

Dye; When and how?

Before dyeing or coloring, the hair should be washed thoroughly and washed away with the conditioner. First take only the dye and take it as haircuts. Do the rest later. Dye well from the cart to the bottom. You can then thoroughly chase the small tooth and spread out the same color at each side. Wash them for 30 to 60 minutes and rinse off. Wash the washing water until it becomes well.

Staying more than enough for the hair to keep the honey, shine and health of the hair fall away. Do not die too much. Do not keep the rest of the used material for later. If the skin is shaved, it will dry up and start to darken, and sometimes even to the skin. If you take a vascale or oil to remove it around the hair, you will not get moisturized. You can easily remove it easily.


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