Vasthu is not a delusion or a superstition as many inside the current world would like to agree with. Vasthu is a science developed centuries ago for designing buildings like palaces or modest homes and work places. The historic epic ‘The Mahabharatha’ additionally refers to Lord Vishwakarma and his technology of structure inside the construction of the Lakshagraha (Wax Palace). Vasthu presents the fundamentals of construction especially in harnessing the energies of nature for the betterment of home and society.

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Vastu Shastra is based on the concept of scientifically combining the 5 basic elements – earth, water, fire, air and sky – to create a pleasant setting. Vasthu concepts integrated with architecture boost health, wealth, power and prosperity and make the living or working ecosystem serene and enlightened.


Sky (West) denotes expansions and upgrades; Vayu (East, Northeast) joy and happiness; Agni (South) power and reputation; Water (North) spirituality & recuperation; and Earth (Centre) for stability, peace & harmony

The foundation of a dream home

The following are a number of the golden principles of Vastu Shastra which need to be accompanied whilst building a new home or renovating an antique area:

House subsequent to temple, hospital or grave-yard need to be avoided because these places emit bad energies.

No one should sleep or sit down below a beam of iron. Beams can cause severe pressure, shoulder ache, headaches and joint issues. If there’s a beam between husband and spouse, it can motive marital discord.

The head of the own family’s bedroom need to be in the southwest nook of the building, which has an auspicious effect on the population of the residence.
Mandir or puja room need to be within the northeast as one should face east to make prayers powerful and enjoy the Lord’s advantages.

Kitchen need to be in southeast as this course is ruled via fire. The northwest is likewise an awesome opportunity region.
The entrance to the residence have to be in the East, West or North to be useful to the residents


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