Vastu for Bathroom and Toilet


According to bathroom vastu, bathroom need to be positioned in North or North-West portion of the house. If bathroom is positioned in wrong path, it can purpose fitness and economic problems. Bathroom must no longer be in South, South-East and South-West route. South sided lavatory can motive destructive results at the fitness of woman individuals.

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As consistent with Toilet Vastu, bathroom need to be placed in west or northwest direction. Avoid creation of bathroom on the centre and in the east, northeast of the residence. The lavatory seat need to be positioned in this kind of manner that the man or woman sitting may want to face the North or the South. Now an afternoon toilet combined with lavatory is becoming popular due to loss of area. Combined lavatory and rest room have to be in north-west direction. It have to now not be adjacent to Pooja Room, kitchen and underneath the stairs.

Geyser and different electric appliances like heater and switchboard have to be established in south-east corner of bathroom. Taps and showers are constant in north route. Placing tub tubs in east, west or north-east route is right. Wash basin and shower can be both in north-east, north or east route. The North is a good course for arrogance mirror.

Water closet must be located within the West and the South course of the rest room. A water closet ought to be positioned close to a window or an outer wall.


Exhaust fans are important if there may be no window within the bathroom. The slope of lavatory floor must be in the North. It must not to be in south-west or south-east route.

Septic tank have to be in northwest of the house. It ought to not be in south-east, north-east, north or east instructions. The tank need to be better than ground degree of the constructing.

The door of rest room need to be in North or East route. It should not be located in south-west course. In a bathroom there should be a small and airy window either in East, West or North course. If the window is in south route, it’d have damaging effects on health.

The shade of toilet tiles may be white, sky blue and mild blue. It facilitates in giving a fresh appearance to lavatory. Avoid darkish shades like black or red. The slope of ground in bathroom must be closer to East or North course.

Vastu Tips for Bathroom and Toilet

It ought to not be located in east, north or northeast route.

It should now not be in northeast and center region of the house.

It have to now not be close to kitchen and underneath the steps.

If a change room is built in bathroom, it should be in South or West route.

The mirror ought to be on northern or jap wall.

The door need to not be in south-west course.

Washing system can be positioned in south-east and north-west route instructions.


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