Vastu for Septic Tank


Septic tanks are frequently made randomly without any consideration, which however causes diverse issues to occupants. The idea of septic man or woman tank in residence become invented few decades in the past and now it has grow to be a necessity. The pit for septic is typically dug in the floor which consistent with Vastu ought to be achieved with warning as any discrepancy may want to create Vastu Dosh in the house, as a result developing respective problems within the lives of the population.

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Septic tanks have to be made with utmost care as Vastu Shastra has set a few principles concerning production and path of septic tank in a building:

Avoided Directions for Septic Tank

Septic tank ought to be positioned in this kind of manner that it doesn’t fall within the instructions like South-east, South-west, North and North-east.


The Ideal Direction

Vastu for Septic TankThe best place for septic tank is West of North-west or East of South-East

Inlet & Outlet

The segregation of septic tank have to be in a manner that the water goes in jap facet whilst excretion waste goes to the western facet.

Size of Septic Tank

Vastu Shastra shows to make length of septic tank on East-West facet at the same time as breadth on South-North.

Level of Spetic Tank

It have to always be constructed to the ground level and should not contact the main wall of house i.E. Compound wall.

The Drainage

Make sure the drainage pipes in rest room and rest room have their passage in the West or North-west. While to the contrary kitchen pipes have to have their passage within the East or North.

Avoid drainage pipes in Southern portion of residence and if it has been made then make certain that their passage must be made in East or North.


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