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Vastu Tips for a Happy, Positive and Ideal Home


We as a whole trust in the best consistently and appeal to God for smoothness, harmony and thriving in our homes. Remaining positive and supplicating would one say one is thing yet have you ever thought what else should be possible to accomplish for your entire life objectives and pull in harmony, inspiration? Vastu is the appropriate response. It is an old and conventional type of Indian design. The basics of Vastu-science hover around the different wellsprings of energies, sun oriented and divine included. Adjusting these energies is the way to getting achievement and harmony to you and your friends and family.

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Vastu considers the format, plan, estimations and spatial mathematical directions to make an atmosphere of amicability and harmony in your home. It is something that really makes your “home” a “home”. While building a house, on the off chance that one guarantees that the development goes on as per the Vastu inclinations, negative energies will always be unable to go to such houses. The equivalent is genuine when one moves into another house. Everything necessary is a Vastu master and a couple of little plans and arrangements of the things to give the house a “Vastu-contact”.

The Living Room:

This is the main space in the house that fills in as an open play area to an assortment of energies entering your home. It is so on the grounds that all the visitors and other relatives for the most part assemble in the lounge and they convey an assortment of energies with them, some sure and some negative. One must guarantee that lone positive energy remains inside the house. Vastu proposes that the host must face the North or East when visitors visit. Furthermore, visitors must be situated inverse to the host. This can be accomplished by a straightforward guest plan change. Additionally, all electronic things must face south, the heading of fire. That will guarantee the best and positive energy streams into your home.


The Bedroom:

A room is the most significant room in each house and it must remain loaded with positive atmosphere, nonstop. Vastu recommends that the room entryway must open to a limit of 90%, consistently. It is significant for directing energy into the room. While you rest, your head must face south as it is the most quieting and agreeable course. Clean up your room and just have the stuff you completely need. Free and bountiful progression of light and air in the room is again an outright should.

The Kitchen:

The best Vastu-supported corner to set up any kitchen is that “South-West” corner. Or disaster will be imminent, the “North-West” corner works similarly as fine. All burners and ovens must face south while the drinking water ought to consistently be situated in the upper east side. Attributable to turning radically various energies, have a go at setting up the kitchen as distant from the room as could be expected under the circumstances.

The Prayer/Pooja Room:

A Pooja room is one of the most significant and favorable spots in any house. Pretty much, a Pooja room serves like a motor that drives and circles different energies all through the house. It is, in this way, basic that unique consideration is taken while planning and putting the Pooja room. According to Vastu, the best and most propitious course and spot for the Pooja room is the north-east corner of your home. In the event that north-east situation isn’t attainable, it very well may be set up in the east or the west side of the house. When set up according to Vastu, the Pooja room continues driving agreeable vibes all through the house which thusly uplifts the positive energy.

The Money/Jewelry Box:

Money/Money is the thing that causes the world to go around. It is straightforwardly identified with our economic wellbeing, success, concordance and wealth. Our feelings are so profoundly associated with cash that for us Indians, cash isn’t only an instrument to purchase or have material and common things. Our way of life hails cash as a type of goddess Lakshmi. We appeal to God for cash and it is, pretty much, an aspect of our strict convictions. Consequently, it is critical to have our cash/money box set according to Vastu to keep the cash streaming in. A money storage should consistently be set near the south-west or the southern divider in a room. Ensure that the storage open towards the north. It is on the grounds that the Lord Kuber is viewed as living the northern way. At the point when we over and again open the storage in the Lord’s heading, the benevolent god tops off it each and every time.


Area or position are of central significance in Vastu-Shastra. For the ideal conversion of the best of energies, each room has been set apart to be situated specifically spots according to Vastu. For example, the fundamental passage of the house must face east, the rising-side of the Sun. It is to permit the positive light go into and elegance your home. It is ideal to cook confronting the east side in a south-east found kitchen. This arrangement is the most straightforward formula for satisfaction. While the rooms must involve the south-west corners, washrooms should essentially be implicit the northwest corners.

By and large, following the Vastu recommendations is monotonous, unreasonable and unthinkable in some cases. In any case, there’s nothing to worry about. These recommendations are a greater amount of rules as opposed to “sink or swim” rules. A specialist’s conclusion as far as Vastu ordinarily goes far. We wish you an upbeat home and a cheerful life.


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