Vastu tips for getting Success in interview


There are a few beneficial hints for buying success in interview ; –
Eat sweetened curd before going for an interview. When the person is at the door going out for the interview then another family member have to throw entire moong dal on him and preserve reciting ‘Om nama bhagvatey Vaasudevaye namaha’.

Do not do away with the seeds from the head.
Take a thin skinned sparkling lemon and insert four cloves every on four facets. Keep that lemon on your pocket while going for the interview. You will definitely be triumphant.
Offer water to the solar at dawn from a copper pot whilst reciting the chant ‘Om Sooriaye namah’ seven times. Also pour a few water on a tulsi plant.


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On the primary day of navratra, place a shining pink material earlier than the picture of Goddess Durga and on the last fold that fabric and put it adequately in an area. You goals can be fulfilled.
On the day earlier than going for an interview wrap a crimson cotton fabric around a whole unpeeled coconut and at the same time as announcing your want immerse it in a river.
A day before going for the interview, recite the subsequent mantra on a red sandalwood mala
‘savabadha vinirmukto dhandhanya sutanvita,
Manushio matprasaaden bhavishayati na sansheaha’
Before going out for an interview make a paste of turmeric powder with water in a silver bowl and practice tilak to your brow at the same time as reciting , ‘Om brim Brehaspataye namah’.
If acting for an interview of a goverment task then do no longer take salt on the sunday preceding the interview.

Keep a few cash on your pocket while you pass for an interview and on your manner supply the coins to beggars.
While going out for an interview take a pinch of salt and location it on the body of the main front of your home.

Put some sugar in your mouth and swallow it with water earlier than going for interviews. You will reach getting a activity


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