Vastu Tips for Marriage & Happy Married Life


A marriage, undoubtedly, is a completely special bond – that now not handiest the bride and groom but even their households – share for an entire life.For parents, marrying their son or daughter – on the proper age – is certainly one of the most important duties in their existence.As quickly as youngsters begin to grow and attain at marriageable age, dad and mom – tirelessly – start to search “the quality suitable” suit.

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Now, there are two instances that – typically – manifest:

Case 1: A suitable match – for a boy or girl – is straightaway located without a great deal effort; marriage is fixed and completed and all people is extraordinarily glad.

Case 2: Parents shake heaven and earth, however that “suitable suit” in no way came and all efforts move in useless and the wedding in their son/daughter gets not on time.

If it’s “Case 1” with the family, then there’s not anything to fear approximately, however “Case 2” is simply a massive – or shall we say, the biggest – situation for mother and father and additionally for the “destiny” bride or groom.

As time passes with the aid of and marriage gets increasingly more behind schedule, social strain, depression, anxiety, clashes among own family contributors and other immeasurable bad – in fact, very poor – tendencies start to creep inside the family.


Often such households and/or individuals seek advice from astrologers, sages, kundali matching services and so forth. However – in many instances – even after anyone’s guarantee that everything appears notable and marriage is at the cards, not anything ever occurs.

How Vastu Shastra Affects Marriage
As per vastu shastra, sure defects in a home, results in postpone in marriage, clashes amongst husband and wife after marriage, separation and even divorce.

Note that “separation” and “divorce” are various things.

Separation: A couple isn’t living together however they’re nevertheless married.

Divorce: A couple is legally no longer a husband and spouse anymore and is “legally” separated.

Whatever or not it’s either, “separation” or “divorce” the root motive of both – in ninety nine% of the cases – is dispute among husband and spouse.

Overall, there are 2 things that vastu defects can cause when it comes to marriage:

Delay in marriage
Clashes among husband and spouse (eventually, separation and divorce)
Let’s take the 1st factor first and recognize the stuff you must keep away from, as in line with vastu shastra, to stay away from postpone in marriage.

Vastu Shastra & Delay In Marriage
A postpone in marriage is, as we’ve said, in advance is the most important subject that parents – can also have – once their son/daughter have reached a marriageable age.

There are positive – precise – vastu defects that lead to postpone in marriage and you ought to – obviously – avoid such defects in your own home.

Let’s have a look at such vastu defects.

Vastu Shastra and Delay in Marriage – What to Avoid
Avoid underground water tank in South-West corner.
Avoid plot that slopes from North-East to South-West.
Girl (after her menstruation cycle has started out) should avoid sound asleep in North-East and South-West bed room.
A marriageable boy must keep away from sleeping in South-East bedroom.
Avoid a staircase or something heavy on the center of a home.
Vastu Tips for Early Marriage – What to Follow
A woman (after her menstruation cycle has started) must sleep within the North-West bedroom.
If North-West bed room is absent, then she will be able to sleep in West bed room together with her head in West or South direction.
Make certain that mattress sheets and so forth. Are mild colored which includes crimson, toddler crimson, violet.
A boy, of marriageable age, can sleep in North-East or South-West bed room. However, South-West bedroom should be used by grasp of the residence.
If North-East bed room isn’t to be had, then he can sleep in South bedroom.
Coming to second point, i.E. Clashes among husband and spouse; here’s a list of avoids, as consistent with vastu shastra, to elude clashes among husband and spouse and have a non violent married life.

Vastu For Peaceful & Happy Married Life
There are – frequently – cases while a “optimistically happy” married existence is soon transformed right into a “form of” battleground among husband and wife.

As with the whole lot else, right here additionally, there are very certain vastu defects that reason clashes and quarrels among couples and it’s a no-brainer that one ought to – in reality – keep away from such vastu defects.

Vastu Shastra and Peaceful Married Life – What to Avoid
Avoid sound asleep in South-East bed room.
Avoid drowsing in North-East bedroom.
Never have kitchen in North-East.
Never keep thorny and bonsai vegetation.
Avoid dark colour for walls of bedroom.
Avoid metal beds.
Avoid beds with garage (despite the fact that wooden).
Don’t preserve mirrors in bedroom.
Avoid extension in South-East part of your property.
Having understood the matters which you want to – and have to – avoid in your property, right here’s the listing of vastu pointers that you have to follow for a non violent married lifestyles.

Vastu Tips for a Peaceful Married Life – What to Follow
Sleep in South-West or South bedroom.
Paint the bed room with light and soothing colours.
Use single bed on bed; decide upon using a single duvet.
A wood mattress is suggested as in line with vastu shastra.
Buy rectangular or rectangular mattress (period to breadth ratio is max. 1:2).
You can hold sparkling vegetation in the bed room; ensure to exchange them frequently.
Keep the North-East a part of your house smooth and muddle unfastened.
Since lots of above vastu hints have a lot to do with bed room and kitchen, subsequently we recommend you to analyze extra on vastu shastra for bed room and kitchen; here are the hyperlinks:


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