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Water Overflow Alarm


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Here is a simple water overflow alarm circuit to save you overflow of water from overhead tanks. The circuit may be implemented to match different programs as well that require liquid degree measurement. It is constructed around BC547 transistors (T1 and T2) and two timer 555 ICs (IC1 and IC2). Both IC1 and IC2 are stressed in astable multivibrator mode. Timer IC1 produces low frequency, at the same time as timer IC2 produces a high frequency. As a end result, a beeping tone is generated while the liquid tank is full.


Water overflow alarm circuit
Circuit operation
Initially, while the tank is empty, transistor T1 does not conduct. Consequently, transistor T2 conducts and pin four of IC1 is low. This low voltage disables IC1 and it does no longer oscillate. The low output of IC1 disables IC2 and it does not oscillate. As a end result, no sound is heard from the speaker.

But whilst the tank receives crammed up, transistor T1 conducts. Consequently, transistor T2 is reduce off and pin 4 of IC1 turns into excessive. This high voltage allows IC1 and it oscillates to supply low frequencies at pin 3. This low-frequency output permits IC2 and it additionally oscillates to produce excessive frequencies. As a result, a valid is produced by way of the speaker. Using preset VR1 you can control the volume of the sound from the speaker.

Construction & checking out
The circuit may be powered from a 9V battery or from mains by means of using a 9V strength adaptor. Assemble the circuit on a trendy-cause PCB and enclose in a appropriate cabinet. Install two water-level probes using metallic strips such that one touches the bottom of the tank and the other touches the maximum degree of the water inside the tank. Interconnect the sensor and the circuit the usage of a bendy cord.


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