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What are the Benefits of Polyhouse Cultivation


Polyhouse farming is slowly gaining recognition in India. A farmer can make massive benefit from polyhouse farming. But there are numerous individuals who aren’t privy to polyhouse or maybe greenhouse consequently through this article they’ll get to recognize about polyhouse and its blessings.

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What is a polyhouse?
Polyhouse or a greenhouse is a residence or a structure fabricated from translucent fabric like glass or polyethylene in which the plants develop and expand below managed climatic situations. The size of shape can range from small shacks to massive-length buildings as in step with the want. Above all, a greenhouse is a tumbler house whose interiors grow to be warm whilst exposed to sunbeams because the residence stops the greenhouse fuel to leave. So whilst it’s far cold outside, the temperature inner is survival pleasant and warm for the plants.

Difference among Greenhouse and Polyhouse Farming
Polyhouse is a type of greenhouse or we can say that it’s far a smaller version of greenhouse, where polyethylene is used as the cover. In growing nations like India, polyhouse farming is a popular greenhouse technology because of its low price of construction and clean protection. Lath house is one more greenhouse technology wherein timber is used as the cover.

Poly house is less expensive as compared to greenhouse but the later is more lengthy-lasting than polyhouse.

Crops grown in Polyhouse
Fruits that can be grown are Papaya, Strawberry and so forth.

Vegetables that may be grown encompass Cabbage, Bitter Gourd, Capsicum, Radish, Cauliflower, Chili, Coriander, Onion, Spinach, Tomato and many others.


Flowers like Carnation, Gerbera, Marigold, Orchid, and Rose also can be without problems grown.

Benefits of Polyhouse Farming
Polyhouse could be very useful for the farmers especially individuals who prefer organic farming. Here are few of the benefits of a polyhouse:

Your flora are grown under controlled temperature as a result there’s less probabilities of crop loss or damage.

You can grow plants at some stage in the yr and will now not ought to await any unique season.

There are less pests and insects in a polyhouse.

External climate will no longer have any impact of the boom of plants.

Quality of produce is obviously better in polyhouse.

Good drainage and aeration

Propagation of Ornamental Crops can also be executed resultseasily in a polyhouse.

Poly House gives the proper environmental centers for your vegetation in any season.

It also will increase yield for approximately five to ten instances.

Less cropping length

Fertilizer application is easier and is controlled mechanically with the assist of drip irrigation.

Types of Polyhouse
Based on environmental manage system, polyhouse are of two sorts:

Naturally ventilated polyhouse – This type of polyhouse or greenhouse does not have any environmental manage system besides for enough air flow and fogger gadget to shop the plants from awful weather situations and natural pests and illnesses.

Environmental managed polyhouse – They are built more often than not to increase the developing duration of vegetation or to increase the low season yield by way of controlling the light, temperature, humidity, and many others.

It has been estimated that the yield underneath polyhouse or greenhouse farming may be achieved at a higher stage – say approximately 4-eight times compared to farming completed in open field. Hence farmers should think of putting in place a polyhouse rather than just operating on open fields.


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