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What is Plastic Surgery


What is Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a specialised branch of surgery involved with the repair of deformities and therefore the correction of practical deficits. it’s derived from the Greek word “Plastikos” that means fit molding. whereas cosmetic surgery is essentially involved with type, as is tacit within the word “plastic”, the practical aspects area unit equally vital.


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Plastic surgery is generally divided into the cosmetic (aesthetic) field and therefore the rehabilitative field. there’s extensive overlap between the 2 areas. for instance, reconstructing a patient United Nations agency has
had a growth far from the pinnacle and neck or breast has each a cosmetic and practical aspect thereto. the idea sensible|of excellent|of fine} facelift could be a grounding in good surgical procedure.


The coaching of a cosmetic surgeon begins with five years of medical undergrad coaching followed by three years of postgraduate basic surgical coaching and four years of advanced surgical coaching. A plastic
surgery tyro is deemed to own completed his coaching once he becomes a Fellow of the Academy
of Medicine of Singapore in cosmetic surgery and is registered on the Specialist Register of the Singapore Medical Council as a cosmetic surgeon.

The procedures and services offered by plastic surgeons include:


Cleft Lip and surface Surgery
Pediatric and Adult Craniofacial Surgery
Burns and Post- burns reconstruction
Reconstruction of patients once trauma to the pinnacle and neck and limbs
Reconstruction of patients with benign deformities of the face and trunk
Reconstruction of patients once cancer surgery as well as the pinnacle & neck and breast
Reconstructive surgical procedure
Surgical and optical maser treatment of benign and malignant lesions of the skin and head & neck.
Hand surgery

Cosmetic / Aesthetic

Rejuvenation of the face exploitation lasers and different light-weight therapies
Rejuvenation of the face with Botox and injectable fillers
Cosmetic and practical protective fold surgery
Cosmetic and practical surgery of the nose
Cosmetic Ear Surgery
Facelift surgery
Liposuction, lifting and shaping procedures of the body and extremities
Cosmetic Breast Surgery


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