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What is WPC Boards? Advantages, Disadvantages


What is WPC Boards?

WPC boards are the quality opportunity for natural wood, as well as plywood. WPC Boards are the get over of the whole hassle faced with the plywood. WPC boards have extra inner power, weight and chiefly and no timber are cut of their production. So, let us apprehend the composition of WPC forums.The lengthy-shape of WPC is wooden plastic composite forums in phrases of percent it incorporates of 70% of virgin polymer, 15% of timber powder and the last 15% of the additive-chemical.

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Advantages of WPC forums

1. WPC boards are one hundred% termite evidence and water resistant. Which way they’re a long lasting product. Some of the venders provide lifetime at the product with regards to being water-proof shades and termite-proof board.

2. WPC do now not corrode and are exceedingly resistance to rot, decay and marine borer assault. Thou the do soak up water into the timber fibre embedded inside the fabric.

3. WPC board does no longer require painting, staining and oiling and it avoids the use of potentially polluting preservative however if you want to Duco paint or texture paint you may do it, only the factor is first you need to practice PVC primer at the board.


4. You can cut any design on WPC boards with a CNC router. Finishing of WPC grill (jali) is higher than MDF and stronger also.

5. As in step with the requirement and need, It may be moulded into exclusive form and sizes. Due to this, it could be used for making for fashion designer doorways and window in order to come up with rich appearance and first-rate sharpening.

6. It is a polymer-based totally product it is self-extinguishing and doesn’t ignite the hearth whilst in touch with a hearth source.

7. It is a hearth retardant fabric. It does not assist the fireplace to get spread it does not burn with a flame. Whereas plywood help hearth to unfold as it burns with flame. So WPC is a higher choice when you select a panel for the hearth-susceptible area.

8. Eco- Friendly – They are free of formaldehyde, lead, methanol, urea and different unsafe chemical substances. This dangerous risky chemical enters the human frame via contact and inhalation and causes a extreme fitness-associated hassle.

Especially in children and elder human beings. WPC is one hundred% VOC free and also it does no longer emit formaldehyde within the ecosystem.

No bushes are reduce in there making, meaning they are surroundings-pleasant merchandise leading to a green revolution. It is synthetic with rice /wheat husk and virgin thermoplastics.

It is made from recycled plastic and waste meals subsequently it is a sustainable and inexperienced cloth. It comes with guaranteed nice which consists of the modifier, foaming marketers, stabilizers and various elements which can be mixed in precise and strict ratio.

9. Laminate or veneer can be pasted on WPC board with the assist of Fevicol Heatx adhesive. The surface of the WPC board should be rubbed with eighty no. Sandpaper for correct bonding. If you want more thickness WPC forums can be jointed with the assist of cement solvent or PVC solvent. For masking, the brink of WPC forums PVC edge banding taps may be used.

10. All kinds of screw and nails can be easily nailed with the assist of a conventional tool. WPC boards have better screw and nail maintaining capability than plywood. Even you can screw and unscrew on the same role greater than 10 times. It does now not get free.

11. It will no longer rot, crack, warp as like different wood used for interior and furnishings making. You can use WPC boards in daylight, it does not get spoiled in daylight. You need to simply paint or polish it after certain time intervals and it will stay new and strong for years. You can use weather coat paint and PO polish on WPC. Also, it is maintenance-loose fabric.

Disadvantages of WPC Boards

1.The resistance of WPC to extreme temperature is low compared to timber. If you put kitchen utensils immediately on WPC boards it’ll reason melting influence if the temperature is extra than 70°C.

2.The laser cutter cannot be used on WPC forums as it will burn the boards.

3.It carries a plastic polymer and wood fibres so the inability of each this fabric could be found in it.

4.The cost of WPC fabric is better in comparison to other cloth used for the identical cause.

5.It lacks the herbal wooden texture due to which the feeling of natural wooden is missing.


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