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What not to keep at Home


According to vastu, there are certain matters which you have to not preserve at domestic. These things bring negative strength and horrific success to you and your home. Here is a listing of things you need to keep away from retaining at your home:

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1. War scenes
War scenes from Ramayana and Mahabharata should no longer be kept at home. Such pix and art work depict competition amongst circle of relatives participants.

2. Cactus or thorny flora
You need to never plant or maintain cactus in your own home. Other thorny plants except roses have to also be removed.


3. Negativity in Images
Pictures and paintings of bushes without fruit or flora, sinking boats, nudes, combat scenes the use of swords, looking scenes, indrajal (magic), captured elephants and pics like sad, weeping or crying humans have to no longer be hung within the home.

4. Taj Mahal
Any showpiece or photo of Taj-Mahal need to now not be saved at home. It is a grave and signify death and passivity. Though people understand Taj mahal because the epitome of affection it’s far virtually the grave of Mumtaz, Shahjahan’s spouse. So this type of display piece of Taj or its picture should not be kept at home because it symbolises death and passivity. And it is so believed that such things at home have an effect on our lives gravely.

5. Painting or statues of animals
The photos, portray and statues of animals and birds like pigs, snakes, asses, eagle, owl, bats, vultures, pigeons and crows and many others. Must be avoided. Vastu recommends now not to maintain or display a single hen or animal inside the couples bedroom. Any image or show piece of a wild animal isn’t always to be kept at domestic as it depicts wildness in the nature of all matters.It brings a violent technique inside the nature of humans dwelling within the house.

6. Terrifying giants and demons
All pictures, wooden or metallic figures of terrifying giants and demons, wild beasts like tigers, wolves, bears, lions, jackals and wild hounds and so forth. Ought to now not be positioned in a domestic.

7. Broken idols or replicate
Do not hold damaged glass, damaged replicate and broken photograph or statue of God and Goddess in your property.

8. Image of Mahabharata
You need to by no means keep an photograph of any of the scenes from Mahabharata in your home. Such matters and pictures symbolises a never finishing contention many of the own family members.

9. Nataraja
The image of a cosmic dancer Shiva is to be found within the residence of almost every classical dancer. But there are aspects of the identical coin. Nataraja symbolises this great art form, on the equal time it symbolises destruction. It is so because the dance form is actually ‘tandava nritya’, that means dance for destruction. So an image or display piece of nataraja is one of things that ought to no longer be there in your property.

10. Sinking Boat
This is some other photo that should in no way be kept at domestic. A sinking boat indicates a deteriorating nature within the relationships between circle of relatives individuals. So when you have one at your house throw it out straight away.

11. Water Fountain
The way you beautify your property says lots about you. Some water fanatics hold fantastic water fountains of their house. But consistent with vastu, no such element should be there in your home as it signifies the flowing nature of an object. It method that the cash and prosperity that comes for your life will now not live for long and will as a substitute disappear with the flow of time.

You won’t be understanding the negative affect some matters have on you. You can be wondering approximately the growing degree of negativity in your house despite having so many things like wood fixtures on line, in keeping with vastu at it’s location, mattress in south, vegetation in north, idols and many extra. Check out the above points on in which you had been doing incorrect.


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