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What’s the Best Material for Kitchen Cabinets?


Contemplating a kitchen preservation or making plans a new kitchen? Apart from the framework and home equipment, it is also vital to pick out the cupboard surfacing wisely. The surfacing isn’t always handiest answerable for the general appearance of the kitchen however it is also a key thing that determines the sturdiness of the shelves.
From finances to excessive-quit, there are some of alternatives available. Find out which one suits in your house.

1. Solid wooden

Wood is by using a ways the most commonplace cloth used for cabinets. It is a non-toxic and renewable useful resource. Several sorts pinnacle the listing – hardwoods like marindi (mindi or Melia azedarach), teak, and sheesham (Indian rosewood) are common kitchen cupboard materials in India. You can then stain and varnish the floor or paint it together with your preference of hue.


Wood is to be had in a diverse variety of grains, colorations and textures. Natural version inside the material itself provides to its unique appeal. It adapts thoroughly to both conventional and cutting-edge layout styles. Cleaning polished wooden isn’t a hefty mission. Avoid especially acidic answers, which include commercial cleaners.

Bad-satisfactory wood forums display warps and dents, so care should be taken to shop for the proper wooden. Change in humidity ranges can harm the center and surface of the wooden, and it needs frequent polishing to keep its straight and easy texture. It is also a costly and time-ingesting fabric to paintings with.

2. Laminates
As solid wooden is at risk of harm and infestation, frequently laminates are favored. Laminates are skinny sheets sandwiched together – layers of plastic resin, paper with a published layer of various styles or designs, and an overlay of a hard plastic film.

To set up such surfaces, composite products like plywood, particle board and MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) are used as substrates. A ornamental movie or sheet is pasted on those forums. These substrates are cheaper than strong timber (as are laminates) and tougher.


Laminates are thin sheets sandwiched collectively – layers of plastic resin, several layers of kraft paper topped with a broadcast layer of various patterns or designs, and an overlay of a hard plastic film.

Do pick out a laminate from the HPLs (high-pressure laminates) for your kitchens as they are greater durable, moisture-resistant and robust than the LPLs (low-strain laminates). From matte to excessive-gloss, and unicore (in which each layer of paper in the laminate has the identical pattern and shade, so there is no wearing away) to virtual (with specialized, even customised, printing on the floor), you have got lots to pick from. Numerous manufacturers like Merino Laminates, Century Laminates, Royale Touche and Greenlam Laminates, among many others, offer a plethora of designs and finishes.

These compressed sheets are each durable and inexpensive. Since the published layer comes on a paper backing, you may achieve the look of just about all materials (like wood, steel, leather-based) with laminates. Its skin does now not put on off, scratch or fade easily and it does no longer require repeated polishing. Laminates are pretty proof against moisture and cleansing their surface is a great deal simpler because they are lined with a skinny transparent plastic layer.

If now not installed properly, the rims of laminates have a tendency to peel off. Since laminates are made from plastic-based totally resins and paper compressed underneath high pressure, they may be a non-renewable fabric. Some kinds are recognized to emit toxic gases into the air.

3. Wood veneers
Veneers are slices or sheets of solid wooden which can be pasted over a composite substrate, just like laminates. These sheets are then stained and polished to reap a desired coloration and texture. Veneers truly replicate the delicate grains and beauty of natural wood. Many manufacturers like CenturyPly, ArchidPly, GreenPly and AlishanPly provide top-fine veneers throughout India.

Wood veneers are sustainable and affordable in comparison to timber as simplest skinny slices of solid wooden are used to cover large surface areas. Veneers could make a potentially hard-edged kitchen appearance softer. Veneers may be handled to gain matte, semi-gloss and excessive-gloss finishes.

Veneers generally tend to discolour while they may be exposed to herbal light. The sheets require sprucing after a period of time, similar to wooden. You can also see stains due to water if the sheet isn’t always polished nicely. Veneers aren’t scratch-resistant.

4. PVC
Poly-vinyl chloride sheets are composite plastic sheets which provide a hard finish. Therefore, they can be installed without a substrate. This kitchen cabinet cloth is cheaper and clean to install. Being water-resistant and oil-evidence, it makes a sensible alternative for kitchen cabinetry. PVC sheets are normally to be had in lighter colours. Some manufacturers additionally provide faux timber grains and mouldings.

This fabric is termite-evidence, anticorrosive and smooth to preserve. Just like laminates, PVC sheets are clean to supply and replace. PVC is a cheap and sound alternative in contrast to laminates and timber-based products.

PVC sheets do now not come in a extensive sort of colorations and styles. These sheets aren’t fire-resistant and they yellow with age. Only hardware that is well suited with plastic can be used for hinges, handles and tracks. Some plastics soften with time, so the joints loosen.

5. Stainless metallic or aluminium
Metal kitchen shelves are very sturdy and durable. This is a extra expensive choice, but. Steel or aluminium can be used as doorways over timber-primarily based shelves. I could advocate you team this eclectic material with glass to lighten the appearance. Though undeniable ones are the most not unusual, steel sheets are available in numerous finishes: brushed, etched and patterned.

Metals boasts a unique appearance. Treated steel is strong, rust-resistant and stain-resistant. Metal doors are unaffected with the aid of warmness and humidity. These sheets are clean to clean and clean, and are consequently unaffected by the spice- and frying-induced filth deposited in our kitchens..

Metals are available in a restricted variety of colors. They might want repolishing while the pinnacle vivid coat oxidises or rusts. Metal surfaces show oil smudges and fingerprints very simply, so there’s loads extra deployment of the duster. These sheets additionally have the tendency to dent and scratch. Last however not least, their doors and drawers are noisier than those of different materials.


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