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WhatsTools: Share File


☆ Via WhatsApp: Click on Attach button in the chat window to point out Whats Tools share menu. Click on the received message to open transfer file popup.(We want your permission to point out our menu on the press of attaching button mistreatment AN accessibility service)


☆ Any File Type: Share any variety of file Archives, Docs, EBooks, Music, Images, Gif Videos of up to one GB via any Instant electronic messaging app put in on your phone.
☆ Up To oneGB: several of the IM’s have restriction on the size of file causing (16MB) whereas WhatsTools permits you to send files of up to 1 GB to any of your instant electronic messaging app’s contact.
☆ Pausing/Resuming: Uploading and downloading are often paused likewise as resumed. just in case of a network failure, you may be ready to resume the upload/download while not losing the present progress.
☆ Preview video before transferring: Thumbnails of video at totally different durations are often previewed before downloading the particular video which can assist you decide whether or not to download the video.
☆ Cross-Platform: Send file to IPhone, Windows Phone & Blackberry. If the receiver is on another platform, the link are going to be opened within the browser and therefore the user will transfer file from the webpage.
☆ Share to Anywhere: File sharing isn’t restricted to SMS or IM’s. you’ll be able to copy the transfer link and share it anyplace through SMS, Email or Social Media Platforms. Anyone with the link will transfer the file from any platform employing a browser.
☆ Peace of mind: All knowledge is guarded behind HTTPS/SSL cryptography. we have a tendency to hook up with your Google Drive™ along with your permission to transfer your files. you’ll be able to read & manage these files from your Google™ drive likewise.
☆ built-in Media Support: WhatsTools support enjoying of GIF and Music files inside the app itself. The app has built-in Video player likewise for common video formats.
►Initial Setup◄
1. alter Accessibility Service.
2. hook up with your Google™ Drive.
3. That’s it. begin sharing files.


➤ causing virus/malicious files ar against the terms of service of Google™ Drive. If file is infected, the receiver won’t be ready to transfer it.

Disclaimer: *Unofficial App – we’ve got no relationship with any traveler apps and its connected emblems in any manner. This application isn’t supported by or related to with the other Instant electronic messaging apps. Their name, trademark, and different aspects of the opposite apps ar proprietary and in hand by their individual house owners.


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