Which is Good Sand or M Sand ?

Manufactured sand (M-Sand) is a substitute of river sand for concrete construction. It is produced from hard granite stone by crushing. The crushed sand is of cubical shape with grounded edges, washed and graded to as a construction material. M-sand is an alternative for river sand. Due to fast growing construction industry, the demand for sand has increased.

Tremendously causing deficiency of suitable river sand in most part of the word. Due to the depletion of good quality river sand has been increased. M-sand does not contain organic and soluble compound that affects the setting time and properties of cement, thus the required strength of concrete can be maintained. The other advantage of using M-sand is, it can be dust free, the sizes of m-sand can be controlled easily.

So that it meets the required grading for the given construction. Since usage of M-sand has increased durability, higher strength, reduction in segregation, permeability, increased work ability, decreased post-concrete defect. It proves to be economical as a construction material replacing river sand. M-sands more Eco-friendly than river sand. It can also save transportation cost of river sand in many cases.

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