Wood vs uPVC vs Aluminum comparison


When talking approximately windows, we should talk of overall performance, construct great, sound manage, price, and aesthetics. We are inside the technology of high-overall performance and sustainable constructing practices, and the window is one of the maximum complicated and critical components of your constructing; they’re the component that completes your building enclosure and lets in mild and air to return into your indoors space. Windows can control air glide, sun radiation, thermal conductance, facade aesthetic, and even impact the encircling micro-weather of the web page.

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Windows have evolved substantially since the first glass panel regarded all through the Roman Empire in 100 AD; and it maintains to enhance with new coatings, remedies, glass composition, and hardware. But no aspect is extra essential to the life span and right operation of the window than the window frame.
The body brings the window collectively, not most effective does it permit for the glass to be set and sealed effectively, it also contains the mechanical additives that operate and press the gaskets that air seals them, and it’s the surface that lets in for securing to the constructing shape.

The materiality of the body is predicted to be of the highest satisfactory to attain all of the blessings noted above, and numerous materials let you get true value and performance on your home windows: Wood, Aluminum, and uPVC. However, here at Eco Supply, it is important to keep in mind that every of those materials has an environmental impact when being manufactured, durability, and a useful existence expectancy that may upload unexpected prices for your building, and even effect the integrity of your shape.



Wood is a carbon neutral, herbal cloth effectively to be had in nature, that falls below the category of renewable substances thanks to sustainable practices set by means of businesses like the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), that dictates that for every tree logged, two greater want to be planted.

Durability is high on completed wood frames; the coatings assist them cover from UV radiation with minor discoloration and save you warping and breaks because of temperature swings.
Service lifestyles for wood windows is expected to be forty years underneath trendy use and occasional maintenance along with cleansing of exterior frame and light retouches.
Thermal conductivity is the bottom some of the three materials, making it the top desire for thermal bridge loose production.


Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride is the end result of a aggregate of artificial elements (chlorine, carbon, and hydrogen) a number of these are the product of the chemical harvesting of fossil fuels. Unlike PVC, uPVC is not harmful to human beings after production because it does now not contain Phthalates or BPA’s; but, the producing procedure is a massive burden to the surroundings because it produces hydrocarbons, dioxins, vinyl chloride, heavy metals, and other cancer causing agents and poisonous waste.

Durability is mild; UV ray exposure could make the fabric emerge as brittle and break; this has additionally been found true for severe adjustments in temperature.
Service lifestyles for uPVC home windows is anticipated to be 25 years under fashionable use and repair of broken gadgets is not viable, full replacement is wanted.
Thermal conductivity is exceptional thanks to the low conductivity of the polymers; but, uPVC windows rely upon a metallic frame internal for tension, and this may reason the thermal conductance to upward thrust.


Aluminum is harvested from bauxite ore, a non-renewable aid. To turn the ore into aluminum a sizable amount of power is required, and like uPVC, harmful pollutants are expelled to the surroundings and the ecosystem; those pollutants encompass: Carbon Dioxide, acidic Sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbons, etc.

Durability is high, the very best of all 3 materials. UV ray publicity does now not have an effect on the fabric; and this also genuine for temperature swings. However, un-lined aluminum frames can corrode if not correctly handled (anodization, or different coating treatments)
Service lifestyles for aluminum home windows is anticipated to be 43 years below popular use. The highest among the 3 substances and repair of damaged gadgets is feasible, but complete substitute is cautioned.
Thermal conductivity is poor, the highest of the three materials; however, the implementation of thermal breaks can decrease its thermal conductivity and reduce thermal bridges.

As a sustainable and excessive-performance building materials distributor, Eco Supply allow you to locate the first-class answer for your assignment in case you would really like to get greater data please touch us, and we will be glad to manual you.


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