Wooden vs Tile Flooring


Flooring units the base for what your house looks like. Unlike the famous belief, it does matter what form of flooring you have to get a stunning domestic. Yet, we find ourselves at crossroads whilst deciding between tiles and wooden flooring. It is not pretty much aesthetics however the functionality and feasibility that affects this decision. Here are some key variations which will let you in making an knowledgeable preference.

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Wooden Flooring

Whether it is hardwood, laminate or even bamboo, timber flooring adds a warm and high priced contact to your interiors. Here we recognition on laminate floors as it’s far the maximum used option in India. Laminate floors is fee powerful and is to be had from ₹a hundred onwards according to squareft.

Aesthetics: Along with the rich end, wood flooring also adds to the warmth of the room. So if you need a cosy and cozy feel, make sure to present — at least your bedroom — a wood floors.

Installation: Laminate planks have tongue and groove joints, which can be applied without difficulty. However, ensure the ground is even before you lay them down. Also, keep vital gaps as wood has a tendency to extend because of heat.


Maintenance: Although laminate flooring is also long lasting, the protection is excessive as it’s far vulnerable to damage by water. Use a barely damp mop for cleaning however in case there’s any spill, make certain to vacuum it as soon as feasible. Don’t drag any furniture over it as it’s far prone to scratches.

Great for: Adding warmth on your ft in cool temperatures and for houses with aged folk, as it is slip-resistant.

Pros & Cons:

Wooden flooring is superb for cold weather and offers a chic look if combined with different sorts of flooring. Since it’s miles prone to scratches, it isn’t a awesome alternative if you have pets. It’s higher to keep away from this option where the rooms are uncovered to moisture and water. Grime and dust is a regular problem, so that you need to easy it frequently.

Tiled Flooring

Although tiles have quite a few varieties, we’ll stick to the maximum popular alternatives, ie, ceramic tiles and vitrified tiles for now. These tiles are made from fireclay or quartz and glazed at excessive temperatures. They are to be had in each brilliant and rough textures, to in shape the shiny necessities. Tile fees vary based totally on their coloration, sample and type but they’re to be had as low as ₹60 onwards according to sq.Toes.

Aesthetics: Available in many colors, styles and styles, tile flooring is the trending alternative for floors. Whether you need the tile to add to the ambience or provide a hanging evaluation, you have masses of options to pick from.

Installation: Tiles are laid on the bottom coat with cement mortar and the joints are filled with white cement. In case you already have a cement floors, the tiles can be installed on that the usage of an adhesive.

Maintenance: If your tiles are installed well, you wouldn’t need to worry about them for a long term. Regular dusting and cleaning are clean as a breeze with this floors.

Great for: All houses, in particular the humid and tropical climates to cool the feet. It is also splendid if you have pets.

Pros & Cons:

Tiles are recognized for their long lasting pleasant, but breakage is something you will have to check on. Since they’re slippery, it’s miles advised to undergo precaution in case the ground is wet. However, the marketplace also has variations with the anti-slip coating. This floors doesn’t appeal to dirt or stain without difficulty and is easy to clean.

Flooring provides to the general aesthetics of your room without drawing too much interest to itself. This decision is broadly speaking based totally on comfort and alternatives. So pick the right flooring for your private home. For extra options on flooring, read this text.


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