You may not complete building houses on plots without corners

The most important motives to be kept in mind at the same time determining the plots are the Geographical environment, the level of the land and Roads across the plot. You’ve got carefully detect that, is there any street focus to the plot or not. No problem with some road focuses, however, care must be taken on some dangerous avenue focuses. We earn a living and spend it, however, we can’t earn luck or excellent life, its not available in the market.

You may not complete building houses on plots without corners. watch video. source: Kaumudy youtube channel

So be cautious earlier than shopping new residences, don’t buy the property with your own vastu talents, it’ll damage you in future, fortunately in case your choice of shopping new plot is fine, then all went good, or else valuable crisis needs to be faced. Commonly square and rectangular web sites are the desired web sites. As our Saints and Rishis expressed that Vastu Purusha matches in perfectly in a rectangular plot and the body ingredients of Vastu Purusha fit in good in a rectangular or rectangular structures or plots.

Vastu Shastra advocates balance, symmetry and harmony in construction. Do not forget on “vastu for plots”, earlier than taking the decision. Your subsequent generation will have to not be endure with your blind action of bought the brand new properties. Don’t build the house in the cornerless plot. also, don’t plant negative energy orchid and anthurium in front of the house.

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