10 Expert Tips to Care for Wood Floors


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Hardwood flooring are a guaranteed manner to add price and comfort to your own home, but they require regular attention to preserve them in pristine situation. The professionals at Swiffer and the National Wood Flooring Association proportion their professional recommendation to make certain that the ones floors stand the check of time.Whether you’re considering including hardwood floors to your house or just need to take better care of those you have, now’s the right time to position your wooden ground knowledge to the test. Consider this your how-to manual on preserving hardwood floors.

In the Beginning:
1. As with any cleaning product, study the label before you purchase to ensure it’s miles appropriate for the surface. A foolproof way to save you destructive wooden? Check out woodfloors.Org, wherein a professional will help you select the excellent product for floors which have special finishes (polyurethane, oil, or wax).

2. Add felt protectors to furnishings legs to assist choose up particles and shield floors from scratches, says Brett Miller, an expert from the National Wood Flooring Association. Replace them as wished, as they’ll wear down and turn out to be less effective over time. For furnishings that slides round often (kitchen and dining chairs, as an example), replace the protectors every month.


3. If you want an excuse to store, the only have to-have decor item with hardwood flooring is a rug. It will carry out double responsibility as a redecorating piece and ground protector.

4. Leave stilettos and tap shoes at the door to keep away from puncturing the timber. While you’re at it, recollect enforcing a no-shoe policy for all styles of shoes to keep matters greater easy.

5. Memorize this and your floors will stay in impeccable form for a lifetime: dry first, moist 2d. Dry-cleansing (or “dry-tacking”) first is important to save you dust from scratching the ground as you wet mop. If you don’t clean up that particles first, it’s essentially like dragging sandpaper across the ground.

6. A sun-kissed glow appears super on pores and skin but now not on timber floors. Inspect flooring once a month (don’t forget to peep underneath rugs, too), and if there’s any discoloration, it’s time to don’t forget a sparkling topcoat.

7. It’s vital to take into account that wooden flooring are herbal and could be tormented by the environment. While there’s no need to panic if you see some gaps develop between forums all through dry seasons, if the timber doesn’t pull away into place at some stage in humid seasons (July via August), then you definitely have to bring in a licensed wooden flooring professional to assess the separation. The nice manner to avoid excessive gaps? Use a humidifier to offset the environment all through dry seasons.

8. Get your floors deep cleaned and add a sparkling coat of finish each three to five years. Make sure you already know what sort of end your flooring already have (oil, wax, urethane) due to the fact you’ll need to reapply that equal kind.

9. Whatever you do, face up to sliding furniture. Enlist a chum and pick out things up to move them.

10. Every few decades, sand and refinish timber floors to lead them to appearance new again. Typically, solid, wooden floors can be re-sanded 5 to ten instances at some stage in the anticipated lifespan. The beauty of timber floors is its potential to become like new with a clean completing coat and a deep cleansing. If you’re now not positive if it’s time for a fresh finish, take a look at with an professional first.


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