1000 Square Feet 3 Bedroom Simple Low Budget Cute Modern Home and Plan


Total Area : 1000 Square Feet
Budget : 13 Lacks Approximately

Sit out
Living Room
Dining Hall
3 bedroom
1 Attached bathroom
1 common bathroom
stair room
wash area


This single storey house is spread across area of 1000 square feet and it hosts 3 bedrooms with one attached toilet and one common toilet. The frontage of the house is dominated by the living room with clear glass facade to give a feel of an open home.


Once you enter the home the high volume of the room catches attention to the point you realize that is shared along with the open dining area which is next the semi-open kitchen. It also has a wash area connected to simplify the dining hall. This design is simple and fits in your budget.

From the main entrance of the house one reached the big living area which over looks to the open dining space. The family dining is ideally located next to the main kitchen area for easy access. A sense of openness and speciousness is what this small home floor plan is all about. This plan can easily fit on any plot.


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