1072 Square Feet 3 Bedroom Traditional Style Single Floor Beautiful house and Plan


Total Area : 1072 Square Feet

Designer : Faisal Pulikkal
Whats App : +919645892385
Mobile : +96879497868 (Oman)
Email : faisalpulikkal93@gmail.com


Sit out
3 Bedroom
2 Common bathroom


Here comes an absolutely awesome Kerala house design which is at an area of 1072 square feet. This is a small budget house plan. This single floor house includes sit out, living cum dining area, 3 bedrooms and kitchen. The plan goes for making the best utilization of rooms to suit the necessities of the family in the best and the most cost effective way that is available.

The roof is the most appealing of all, with a slight slope and unique shape. This gives the home a traditional Kerala style which would make you wonder. The traditional look of a home depends on various factors like designs, color, interior designs, furniture pieces, and many more. The living room and dining space will be blend of appeal and development. Th two spaces are demarcated well with furniture and the proximity of the kitchen next to the dining makes it a perfect floor plan.

The descent floor height allows for proper ventilation and well being of residents of the house. This 3 bhk house plan fir into any family’s requirement well and can be modified to have another floor above to accommodate more bedrooms and study spaces. The specious kitchen which has its maximum modern Kerala home design is well executed by designer Faisal Pulikkal.

1072 sq ft 3 bedroom traditional style single floor beautiful house and plan


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