1094 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Low Budget Beautiful House For 16 Lacks


Total Area : 1094 Square Feet
Budget : 16 Lacks + 10% Supervision Charge
Courtesy : building designers

Sit out
2 Bedroom
Work area


Designer : K.V Muraleedharan
Building designers, Chelari AM towers
Thenjippalam, Malappuram
Phone : 04942400202
Mobile : 9895018990

This is simple and beautiful single storey house design at an area of 1094 square feet. This kerala house design is designed by Building Designers, Chelari, Malappuram. It’s a 2 bhk house with a modern design. It has 2 bedrooms with attached bathrooms. From the main entrance of the house one reached the big living area which over looks to the open dining space.


A convenience work area also included along with the kitchen. It has a wide open terrace on the roof top. This could be taken as an effort of the architect to help you enjoy the most from your home. This residence is built at an area of 5 cent plot. Simply put, the elevation of a low cost house can’t get any better than this. It can be afforded by almost anyone looking to build a house of their own.

It has not even a hint of curves either, which accentuates its contemporary design. You’ll notice how well the windows are roofed by using an extended portion of walls. This isn’t fancy, but leaves nothing to complain. This is a low budget home design. The estimated cost of this simple house is 16 lacks + 10% supervision charge. If like this house, then contact the architect through the information given below.


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