1152 Square Feet 3 Bedroom Single Floor Modern Budget Home Design and Plan


Total Area : 1152 Square Feet

sit out
3 bedroom
1 attached bathroom
1 common bathroom
stair room


We are presenting you an alluring yet simple design and plan that you might find helpful. The uniqueness of this house is that it doesn’t even highlight a hint of curve. Yet all the sharp edges make it eccentrically awesome. The house is given a sloping typed roof throughout with a solid double lined border. The simple pillars give a hype to the modern look. These pillars are placed in the car porch area.


This is one of the best modern home design ideas and inspiration to match your style. Here is a beautiful modern kerala home design at an area of 1152 sq ft. It has three bedrooms and attached bathroom and common bathroom. The house is given a small sit out, well designed car porch, a family living room, dining hall and specious kitchen.

Perfectly designed for a small family, this three bedroom house keeps the master bedroom separate from the kid’s room for privacy on both ends. This home also incredible specious, as evidenced by this big airy design. The front elevation of this house is more attractive and very innovative.


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