1169 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Single Floor Contemporary Style Modern House and Plan


Total Area : 1169 Square Feet

Car porch
Sit out
Living room
Dining hall
2 Bedroom
1 Attached bathroom
1 Common bathroom
Work area


Most people make sure that a detailed budget is prepared before beginning the construction of their dream dwelling. This quaint house of 1169 square feet has all the modern facilities and flaunts unique design element. The exteriors designed in the box style pattern, with flat roof, looks amazing . The house has all the comfortable facilities required for a four members family.


The elevation of the house in contemporary style. The show wall adds a designer element to the exterior. It has all the facilities needed to make living comfortable within the parameters of 1169 square feet. This house plan could be afforded easily by anyone. The home consists of two bedrooms in which one of them having attached bath facility. The dining room is placed exact enter of the home that having easy access from both living room and kitchen.

A car porch and small sit out also incorporated in this design. A common bathroom is generously large, you can easily have even aa bath installed in it. A semi partition given between formal living and dining room. The modular kitchen has a work area that is almost as large as the kitchen itself.


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