1420 Square Feet 3 Bedroom Contemporary Style Double Floor Modern House


Total Area : 1420 Square Feet
Client : Rajan C.C
Location : Kothaparampu, Kodungallur
Budget : 20.5 Lacks

Ground Floor : 740 Square Feet
First Floor : 680 Square Feet


Sit out
Living room
Dining hall
3 Bedroom with attached toilet
Work area


Meta Designers & Builders
Designer : Sumisha Midhun
Contact No : 9656896753, 8156816310

Rajan c.c, a native of Thrissur, is incredibly proud to show around his brand new house, which overcomes space constraints with its elegant design and meticulous utilization of spaces. The 1420 square feet house stands in Kothaparambu, Kodungallur, Kerala.

The spaces are wisely utilized in the interiors which are designed in the open style. The elevation is in the box style so that the flat roof could be of use for various purposes. Elevation designed in simple style. The construction of this elegant house was completed within a reasonable budget of Rs 20.5 Lack.

It is really a great design from Sumisha Midhun, Meta designers and builders. There is a sit out, living and dining areas, kitchen, work area and 3 bedrooms with attached toilets. Spaces have been wisely utilized by arranging the family living beneath the stairway. There are enough storage spaces in the bedrooms. Storage has been given prime importance in the kitchen and the work area as well.


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