1832 Square Feet 4 Bedroom Colonial Style Slope Roof Design Modern House


Total Area : 1832 Square Feet
Location : Vayanad
Client : Anju Jacob

Designer : Faisal Pulikkal
Whats App : +919645892385
Mobile : +96879497868 (Oman)
Email : faisalpulikkal93@gmail.com


Sit out
Living room
Dining area
4 Bedroom
5 Bathroom
Store Room
Upper living


If putting a house with one of the latest style imaginable is your dream. Then you should totally check this house out. The unique look of the house, which is built on a moderate budget, amazingly complements the structure of the plot. The exterior of the house in the colonial style. The family has genuinely tried to make their home as environment friendly as possible.

The ventilation for the house deserves special mention. The construction of the 1832 square feet house completed by designer Mr. Faisal Pulikkal. There are living and dining areas, kitchen, work area, prayer room and 2 bath attached bedrooms on the ground floor. On the first floor a family living area is arranged besides a balcony and 2 more bath attached bedrooms.

There is a prayer space between the living and the dining areas. Six people can comfortably sit and eat at the dining table. All the four bedrooms are simple and give importance to comfort. The master bedroom is the most specious among the four. This two storey house has been completed on a moderate budget house.


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