1963 Square Feet 4 Bedroom 2 Homes Making For Two Brothers


Total Area : 1963 Square Feet
Ground Floor : 1225 Square Feet
First Floor : 738 Square Feet
Budget : 25 Lacks for one home

Sit out
Living Cum Dining
4 Bedroom
4 Bathroom
Prayer Room
open terrace


Puzhakkattiri, Perithalmanna
9961954257, 7736140744


They diligently researched about various designs and architectural styles,before constructing their dream dwelling.However ,a beautiful house which is perfectly unique structure was designed without compromising on the modern facilities.The beautifully done landscaping enhances the splendid charm of the house .The interior spaces ,brimming with luxury,is the highlight of this house .The owner says that there has been inflow of visitors who are eager to experience the grandeur of these two houses .

This house that’ll make you do a double take with its distinctive design.Everything from its roof to its walls and balconies are unique in every way.Like most modern houses,the roof of this house has a very high slope.But what makes it stunning and stand out from the rest is the way it’s positioned only to one side .as a result it’s directed skywards,and looks like a massive slide on a kiddies play ground.

Each house is planned to built across an area of 1963 square feet and host 4 bedrooms. Two of the 4 luxury bedrooms are located on the ground floor. They both have a bathroom attached, along with a separate area for dressing. The other highlighted areas of this floor are the sit out, living cum dining area, prayer room, kitchen and work area. The pantry kitchen directly opens up to this dining room. Connecting to the kitchen is a specious work area. The first floor covers only 738 square feet of the entire house. The remaining two bedrooms, including their attached bathrooms, upper living room and balcony fall into this area. The construction of this house is completed and is designed by DH DESIGNERS AND BUILDERS. It is estimated for about 25 lack for one.


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