2025 Square Feet 4 Bedroom Kerala Style Sloped Roof Modern Single Floor Home and Plan


Total Area : 2025 Square Feet

Sit Out
Family Living
4 Bedroom
3 Attached Bathroom
1 Common Bathroom
Work Area


This is one of most lavish house plan. This luxurious semi colonial style house design from AATHIS Design and designed by manoj pillai. This house comprises of total area of 2025 square feet. All luxurious facilities are provided in this design. It includes specious 4 bedrooms, 3 attached bathrooms and a common bathroom.


This house plan starting from the entrance porch plus car park area which leads you to the main living room area which exhibits a comfortable volume of space along with proper openings for windows for clear air circulation with in this house. A good amount of garden space in front of the house and the back yard next to the two bedrooms will be an advantage.

A specious feature like a courtyard turns this house plan to much more than just a one story compact house plan. The wide open kitchen along with work area keep this plan feeling huge and modern.


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