2050 Square Feet 3 Bedroom Contemporary Box Type Double Floor Home


Total Area : 2050 Square Feet
Client : Sakeer
Location : Chavakkad, Thrissur

Designer : Faisal Pulikkal
Whats App : +919645892385
Mobile : +96879497868 (Oman)
Email : faisalpulikkal93@gmail.com


Ground Floor :
Sit out
Living room
Dining hall
2 Bedroom with attached toilet
Work area


First Floor :
Small upper living area
1 Bedroom with attached toilet

Standing tall at Chavakkad in Thrissur is Sakeer’s 2050 square feet house. Sakeer wanted a novel plan that was contemporary in style. The designers gave the box style elevation a fluidity, which ensures maximum utilization of land space without compromising on ultra-mod look. The elevation was given white and grey color scheme. The garden landscaped with natural stone and green grass is a perfect foil to the imposing structure.

The elevation sports a different style and facade from the left side. The highlighter lamps cover the structure in a halo of bright light enhancing the out ward decor. The sit out, and balcony are a new style in architecture. They add substance to the structure.

The two storied house has 3 bedrooms, all with attached bathrooms. A small sit out, specious living area, dining space, a modern kitchen, work area and a store are the highlights of the ground floor. A living space with long windows and balconies are the main features on the upper floor. The plan was conceived by Faisal pulikkal, who designed the structure and chalked its layout.


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