2BHK Apartment interior Design watch video


Living;As you enter the living space we’ve a Tv unit on left and therefore the wall is embellished with bright yellow and therefore the stone protective covering and is lit by the spotlight from the rafter provided on prime that is running finish to finish.We have a back panel to hide the Tv wires and given SS strips to focus on and that we have provided two drawers and a cupboard in between for the created box. Next thereto we’ve three curve woodworking ledges to show the artifacts.
Opposite wall we’ve provided three ledges to show the artifacts.
And for the False ceiling we’ve provided a parallelogram form with strips in between that really appears like a rafter of half dozen in. drop lit by spotlights and cove lights.

Pooja room: within the living space itself we’ve got created a pooja unit, we’ve got a pair of shutters below with a pair of drawers. Bell cuttings bells adorned and on prime. we’ve got provided a mantap style to create it look a lot of ancient. within the unit we’ve got one ridge to show the statues and a spotlight to focus on the idle.


Dining hall: Entrance of the area contains a wood panel with a pleasant partition that contains a 12mm tuffen glass which might be simply standardized. And within the area we’ve got provided a cute tableware unit with nice color combination. it’s four hydraulic prime lifts with spot lights within to focus on the tableware and a couple of ledges is been provided. Below we’ve got given four shutters and a couple of drawers.
For the false ceiling we’ve got a pair of connected curves that contains a four in. and six in. drop from the ceiling with some nice painting on that lit by spotlight and cove lights.


KitchenDesign: The room is in “L” form and our shoppers have elite stunning colours for the room that is of Fiasta Rose and frosty white color shiny laminates. On prime we’ve got provided “L” form lofts for additional storage and have a hydraulic lift. Next thereto we’ve got a toll unit with a pair of shutters on prime associated bottom and an open provision for microwave to suit in. we’ve got cupboards for storage and next thereto we’ve got a bottle pull out, a pair of bike boxes, cutlery set down next to the hob, cupboards and a couple of storage to access within the corner and a ash bin and a detergent holder and on prime next to the chimney we’ve got cupboards for spices for straightforward access.

MasterBedRoom: the primary factor that catches your eyes is that the false ceiling that has some distinctive style sort of a curve with some strips that sounds like rafters painted in brown. The curve may be a four in. drop and therefore the strips area unit of six in. drop from the ceiling that appearance bright. And up here we’ve got provided a dresser with toll mirror and a drawer to suit in your cosmetics. this is often a fold ready table, you’ll fix it after you victimisation it and fold it back once you are not. up here we’ve got given wardrobes with matte end that has alternate color combination and four lofts on prime for a lot of storage.

we tend to area unit currently in children sleeping room here we’ve got provided wardrobes with fatless blue and frosty white color shiny laminates and on prime we’ve got provided lofts finish to finish.

Video Credits:Bonito Designs
Designed : Vinyas P.
Host : Sowmya patrician
Shot & Edit : Sagar Shankaranarayan
Project price : six to eight Lakhs


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