3 Cent Fish Farming & Pond Construction


1. In the preceding chapters you found out the way to:

examine a capacity website for the development of a freshwater fish farm;
select the form of pond quality tailored to this web site and on your desires;
lay out your fish farm;
construct earthen ponds; and
assemble the numerous systems required for proper water control and transport.
2. You have selected an excellent web page both from the technical and budget friendly factors (see Sections 2.2 and 2.3). You have surveyed this site in element for its topography and its soils. On those bases and according to your necessities, you’ve got laid out your fish farm and prepared an in depth topographical plan of it (see Section 2.6).

3. Now has come the time to decide on the following vital problems:


(a) When will the development start

(b) Who will construct the farm
(c) How will the construction be done
4. These choices may additionally result in in addition sports, all of which can be looked into in this chapter:

(a) Some extra precise plans and drawings may also have to be organized


(b) A collection of specifications for the contractor can also should be organized

(c) A distinctive time table of activities may have to be drawn up .

5. Finally, and in all instances, you will desire to realize in advance how an awful lot the development of the fish farm will price.

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