780 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Single Floor Low Budget Cute House at 3 Cent Plot


Total Area : 780 Square Feet
Budget : 33 Lacks
Plot : 3 Cent
Location : Varappuzha
Contact : Manoj km
Mob : 9995454862

Sit Out
2 Bedroom
2 Attached Bathroom
Compound Wall


This small family home designed to be built in 780 square feet. This design is simple and fits in your budget. This floor plan enhanced well with its location of the living space along with dining and kitchen. It include 2 bedrooms. The two bedrooms have attached bathrooms. A central dining makes all the sense for holds all the functional rooms together as being the central core of the house which is not the same case with a passage.


The pantry kitchen inter connects directly with the dining room for your case. The house plan include a vertical shape sit out and specious car porch. This is single floor which makes out a distinctive and unique design. It is estimated for 33 lack. The construction of this simple house is completed by manoj km.

Here’s associated degree elevation and plan of a rare low budget kerala house. One inspect it’s enough to form you steal another look.The creator has masterfully blending each fashionable and ancient design to form it complete and stand out of the remainder. The whole space consist of this house is 780 sq. ft.


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