790 Square Feet 2 Bedroom Single Floor Modern Beautiful Home Design and Plan


Total Area : 790 Square Feet

living and dining
2 bedroom
1 attached bathroom
1 common bathroom
store room


Whether you’re trying to create a brand new house as per your want, then this building are going to be the simplest model for you. A single floor house and this can marvel your mind. The whole space consists of 790 square feet house. This compact ground floor house has another wing which separate itself from the family entertainment space to their private habitable space, which has two bedrooms.


The living room along with the dining space covers the full breadth of the house and adds on to the effect of a large room from the moment a guest enters the house. The two spaces are demarcated well with furniture and the proximity of the kitchen next to the dining makes it a perfect floor plan.

In addition the plan covers a specious kitchen with convenient store area. It also has a well designed car porch. This colorful home would be an ideal choice for new couples or a small family. This pristine attempt of house design will appeal to families who are used to the luxuries of living in an urban environment. So if the house interests you then contact the designer.


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